Satan's Host - Virgin sails 3.5/5

Reviewed: 12-1-13


1. Cor malifecus - Heart of evil
2. Island of the giant ants
3. Dichotomy
4. Of beast and men
5. Akoman
6. Reanimated anomalies
7. Infinite impossibilities
8. Vaporous of the blood
9. Taromati
10. Virgin sails

After Harry "The Tyrant" Conklin left Jag Panzer in 1986 he joined up with Patrick Elcams to form Satan's Host in the pit that is Denver, Colorado. Harry chose to rock but queried about his original appellative, so he agreed to alter his name to mirror the cursed convictions for which the band stand. He decided that "Leviathan Thisiren" held the necessary mystique. He remained loyal to the servents of darkness and completed the recording of 'Metal from hell' and remained faithful while working on the unreleased 'Midnight wind' material which was never officially released. As he fell out of form with the band, around 1987 he left to join the more progressive Titan Force.

He reunited with Satan's Host in 2010 and they unleashed the exceptional 'By the hands of the devil', and shortly thereafter 'Celebration - For the love of Satan' - a compilation of re-worked material from when Harry was in the band, and even after his departure. I never cared for anything by the band without Harry's influence. I did not appreciate the lyrics, and I reviled the satanic elements, and black metal tendencies. I found all to be quite unappealing to me. However, once Jag Panzer called it quits, again, Harry rejoined the legions and began his new voyage into the realms of madness guided by 'Virgin sails'.

Older but wiser, Harry brings a certain spirit and force to the band which make the music so much more inviting. Anyone who adores Harry's vocals will find merit in the shades of the unlight, while he begins stirring the cauldron of the ancients with a melting pot of malefic melodies. Bleeding hearts of the damned embrace evil tendencies, but your will feel blessed, so beat your breast for the love of Satan.

Surprisingly, Jag Panzer are active again, and hopefully their next CD will surpass the discouraging semi-swansong that was 'The scourge of the light'. In the meantime, fans can bask in the celebration of the dichotomy of 'Virgin sails' which reanimates almost all aspects of metal with its infinite impossibilities and vicious anamolies. This means that everpresent there are blast beats, breakdowns, harsh vocals, high-pitched screams, doom-laden riffs, all the while rekindling the true U.S. power mettle revival.

Each searing cut of conviction is wildy wielded, black molded, and wickedly crafted by the hand of the evil one himself Patrick "Evil" Elcams. These messages in blood warn and welcome the onslaught of metal from hell. The sharp scorn and lyrical deluge penetrate the skull like a black hilted knife. So fear the hellfire of beast and man, for the lords of salience - those persecuted witches - have returned to reconquer your soul.

"The island of the ants", reminscent of Cold War films, is an odd pick for such a dark brood. However which each succeeding element, the spells and incantations are unveiled on the ragin waters, as the tides turn and each track explores the inferior worlds of the unknown, culminating with the epic title track.

Come ye unborn spirits of reincarnation standing at death's door, the advent of belied devastation is upon us. Souls in exile witness the revival, the convivial power, purity, and perfection of forbidden lust, as you embark upon the rites of passage, ascend into ecstasy lifted by the midnight wind. Willingly will you seal your fate with the holy sea elevated by velvet virgin sails of Charon and chaos.




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