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Saint Deamon - In shadows lost from the brave 3.5/5

Reviewed: 3-14-08


1. The exodus
2. My judas
3. In shadows lost from the brave
4. My heart
5. The burden
6. No mans land
7. Ride forever
8. Black symphony
9. Deamons
10. The brave never bleeds
11. My sorrow
12. Run for your life

Saint Deamon is a new Power Metal band hailing from Sweden, on the Frontiers Records label. This is their debut CD, entitled ‘In shadows lost from the brave’. It is vocalist Jan Thore Grefstad’s newest stint in a metal band. Grefstad is the ex-vocalist of the currently “on hold” Highland Glory. Grefstad left the band sometime after their 2nd CD ‘Forever endeavour’, which was released in 2005. Grefstad is also the vocalist of the metal band Wild Wily’s Gang and the ex-vocalist of the viking metal band Frostmoon.

Saint Deamon also has 2 ex-members of power metal band Dionysus, being Bassist Magnus "Nobby" Norberg and drummer Ronny Milianowicz. Rounding out the band is guitarist Toya Johansson. Saint Deamon does have a lot of similarities with Highland Glory, but that is expected while Grefstad would hold most of the control within the band. Bands are still finding their “sound” in their debut CD, so expect a slight change in their sound if Saint Deamon were to release a 2nd CD.

Saint Deamon play your typical European power metal, comparing to others bands such as Highland Glory, (early) Nocturnal Rites, Guardians of Time, Dreamtale and (early) Heavenly. Nothing new, but again that is expected. The CD is fairly short, clocking in at around 45 minutes, from 11 songs and an intro. There are a couple of rockin’ tracks that are under 3 minutes, while just 3 are 5 minutes or over. The songs are mixed up nicely on this release, ranging from your typical speedy tracks, to some mid-paced galloping melodic tracks and finally, a few slow ballad-type tracks (which kick ass too).

As a fan of Highland Glory, Saint Deamon immediately appealed to me, mainly due to the voice of Jan Thore Grefstad. He has a great power metal voice and is quite unique at the same time. Production of this CD is very good and Frontiers Records should be happy with their latest addition. I found no real weakspots within this CD, except for the track called “No man’s land”, which didn’t really have the same flow as the track previous to it and ones after. However, it does not bring the CD down and you are left remembering the highlights of the release.

Some favourite tracks to hear out for, include the first of 2 power ballads “My heart”, which is an awesome ballad with a very catchy and emotional chorus; “The burden”, which is a mid-paced track with galloping riffs and a shrieking Grefstad, a la Ralf Scheepers, Rob Halford or Tim “Ripper” Owens. The track is quite similar to Highland Glory’s “Surreality” on the ‘Forever endeavour’ release.

More tracks to enjoy include the short “Ride forever”, with a great riff throughout the track; and “The brave never bleeds” with its crunchy guitars, galloping riffs, fast pace and great solo. The CD finishes strong with the 2nd of the 2 power ballads “My sorrow”, which is very emotional and very 80s sounding; and finally the CD closer “Run for your life”, which is another mid-paced track with a catchy chorus.

In the end, don’t expect anything new sound-wise from Saint Deamon. They are just another of many power metal bands trying to capture their piece of the pie. Everything you hear on this release is something you have already heard from somewhere else, but Saint Deamon do theirs very well. Saint Deamon is so similar in sound to Highland Glory, that you would be forgiven if you thought you were listening to their latest CD. Fans of Highland Glory or any other of the before-mentioned bands should easily be able to enjoy this. Solid and enjoyable CD that should be taken notice of.




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