Sabaton - Attero dominatus 3.5/5

Reviewed: 7-14-06


1. Attero dominatus
2. Nuclear attack
3. Rise of evil
4. In the name of God
5. We burn
6. Angels calling
7. Back in control
8. A light in the black
9. Metal crue

Sweden's Sabaton ascend from out of the shadows of war with an assault to our lamb minds, and a nuclear attack upon our noggin socking us in the face with their fist fashioned to fight fury. The metal machine is back in control with the intent to vanquish the totalitarian authority with their own rancour and reign of terror. The wolfpak counterstrike against the reich of passage with their classic teutonic edged steel. Each propaganda piece plays out with power and passion evincing the primo victoria. Once the masters of the world war mentality subject and enthrall the listener with their latest thunderstorm, this hellrider will forever in fealty swear allegiance to the panzer battalion as he zeig heils them in the name of God as his own beloved fuehrer.

Continuing with the hammer has fallen world warlike historical anthems from their last campaign, the CD commences with a song celebrating the fall of Berlin. This song is really metathetic melodic metal; even if does require me to delve into my Latin locquacity. My promo copy did not come with any lyrics, so I have had to listen to this CD several times to intuit the lyrical themes. Overall, I would suppose that there is another war based conceptual outline at stake. Also the speed and predaceous ripping is not always present, as it was in the past. Overall, the music sears with enough into the fire heat to scorch and burn you across it's hard driving momentum. Sabaton blazon with blistering riffs, as one endures endless nights of pure classic metal bliss. The production could be better; then again it has a real 80s nostalgia atmospheric of the dark qoutient, as well.

Joakim Broden, a Yanni yearning yearling, afresh has penned down the lyrics while still singing with his Chris Boltendahl matches Frank Knight pitch. His vocals are easily understood and knead deep with the music. Twin guitarists Rikard Sunden & Oskar Montelius perform perfidiously. On their 3rd rite, Sabaton cull and kill with epic brooding songs like "Rise of evil" and "Angels calling" which lean more toward the Saxon crusade. These tracks have some crafty keyboard arrangements by Daniel Myhr; which meld nicely with the guitar harmonies. The artwork is again painted by Mattias Noren of Progert Media. This graphic images reminds me of Dimmu Borgir's 'Puritannical euphoric misanthropia' interpolating Vio-lence's 'Eternal nightmare'.

Just like last time, with the ever popular "Metal machine" imploring the use of classic metal song titles; once again the band have created another anthem with "Metal crue" which names all the crucial bands who have influenced Sabaton. I personally, love these type of songs; since Sabaton write their lyrics in the same manner as I write my reviews, with non flippant flair. They make use of as many metal references as they can muster. If one were to listen to the melody of "Metal crue", I would swear there is also an artful allusion to the Star Wars theme. My colleague at Metal Covenant met with Joakim when they played Sweden Rocks last month and discovered that this mettle paradigm was written while the metalizer Mr. Broden, himself, was indisposed with plenty of time for rumination. This goes to show that even amidst the dross and cloaca, art can be created. Hail to the king, who truly discovered the light in the black.

Until you actually get this CD, here's a sample: "The Rainbow is your home... UFO shooting gamma ray... a riot of destruction... When the priest killed the maiden in the Metal Church... overlords & warlock watched the slaughter... with the rage of the slayer across the pretty maids to kiss the queen and prince of glory... you are born a motorhead... racing with the motley crue... status quo has been reached once unleashed..." I just can't wait to read the actual lyrics for this one!




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