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Qantice - The cosmocinesy 3.5/5

Reviewed: 7-10-09


1. Budding from the mist
2. Head over worlds
3. Pirates
4. Megantrop
5. Ocean eclipse
6. The herd that you need
7. Burial wave
8. The question
9. Best in the well
10. The least worst ending

Qantice is a French band that was formed earlier in the decade and after a few demos, they bring us their full-length debut 'The cosmocinesy', which is released through Brennus Music. The CD's overall style, both musically and vocally, is melodic/symphonic power metal and it sits between the style of bands like Angra, Glory Opera, Aquaria, Orion Riders and Shaman, and the style of bands like Rhapsody of Fire, Bride Adorned, Thy Majestie, Kyrie Eleison and Six Magics. Actually, off the top of my head, I can't think of a band that sits in between these styles, so perhaps this CD offers up something a bit original.

Although Qantice only has 4 main band members, there are several guest musicians and a lot of fairly unique instruments are used (performed by both the main band members and the guests), including a mandolin, violin, banjo, and a few different kinds of flutes. These instruments provide some special elements to this debut, and the orchestration is also well done. It's not an overly symphonic CD, but fans of the many aforementioned bands will definitely be impressed with the symphonic side of this CD.

The tempo is well balanced, with plenty of speed and some slow parts too. Actually, the changes in tempo really keep things interesting, and both lovers of faster music and lovers of slower (more emotional) music should be more than satisfied. This is also a consistent CD, as all of the songs hover around a very good or great level. I like all of the songs (even the ballad - track 5 "Ocean eclipse", which is solid), but at the same time, nothing completely amazes me, so even better songwriting would take this band to the next level. That said, the closer/instrumental "The least worst ending" is a strong finish.

So we have a debut that's nicely done, from a promising band. Power metal fans should find plenty of satisfaction and enjoyment with this CD, and since it draws influences from different styles, it will also provide a few familiar aspects, while still being a bit original. So fans of melodic/symphonic power metal should check it out, as this just might be another band for them to follow.




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