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Project: Roenwolfe - Neverwhere dreamscape 3.5/5

Reviewed: 10-1-13


1. 3093
2. Split the rings of Saturn
3. Roanoke
4. Broken drum
5. My dark passenger
6. Proclamations for devastation
7. Media affliction
8. Neverwhere dreamscape
9. Bad Blood
10. Travelers of destiny
11. The trader of pain
12. Universal mind

There are 7 billion people currently living on Earth, yet sometimes it can feel like a small world when you are involved in one of those 6 degrees of separation things. I’ll explain how this is relevant to my review of American power/thrash metal band Project: Roenwolfe – Aside from writing reviews, I also DJ on an American internet radio website, where another person by the name of Hoyt Parris also DJs there. His son is Patrick Parris, the lead singer of Project: Roenwolfe, who I’ve spoken to (in online chat) a few times. It continuous – Project: Roenwolfe were just about to release their debut CD ‘Neverwhere dreamscape’ and were writing to numerous metal reviewing websites, hoping that they could get a few reviews done for the release. And one of these sites just had to be this very site... however; who did the editor of Metal CD Ratings decide to give the assignment to? You guessed it... me.

Project: Roenwolfe is a band that features impressive vocalist Patrick Parris, who I mentioned earlier, and also Tony Cordisco, who is mostly known for being in the band Judicator, but also just happens to be the co-founder/owner of Masters of Metal Productions; a small heavy metal record label. On the CD, Tony has written all the music, whilst also handling all guitar duties (including bass guitar) and the drum programming. Patrick Parris has written the bulk of the 12 songs on ‘Neverwhere dreamscape’, with one song being penned by Tony and 2 by one of the numerous guest musicians on the CD, Bryan Edwards.

After listening many times to the CD, I find it quite difficult to place Project: Roenwolfe’s sound into just one specific metal genre, which is always a good thing when that happens; as that means the music is diverse and interesting. Officially, people have listed Project: Roenwolfe as power/thrash metal, which I agree to, however I’d like to add melodic power metal and dark metal to that list as well. Altogether, the above listed genres are forged extremely well together by the creative mind and expertise of Tony Cordisco. The end result could mean with such an arrangement of different genres boiling away on this release that Project: Roenwolfe could grab fans from Iced Earth to Exodus and many others in-between.

Patrick Parris, the vocalist is also another talent cog in this project. With powerful tones, Patrick is also quite an emotional singer, who’s energy and exuberance flows through every track on the CD; finished off with Patrick’s strong delivery and unlimited range. At times, Patrick can sound similar to a group of metal vocalists, including Stu Block, Warrel Dane, Sean Peck and also the late Michael Grant, just to name a few.

Ok, onto the music, where Project: Roenwolfe really flex their muscles. The CD contains the aggression and speed found in thrash metal, while also the furious guitar riffs and melody found in melodic power metal, with shades of dark metal atmospherics lurking around in parts as well. Lyrically, the release goes in a few directions such as political and social issues, while also fantasy and also sci-fi covers a few songs as well. Speaking of which, the song “Universal mind” is based on Dr. Who, while “Travelers of destiny” is based on the most recent evolution of Battlestar Galactica.

“Universal mind” is a cracking track and the longest on the CD clocking in at just over 7 minutes. With pummeling programmed drums and swift guitar riffs from Tony, Patrick’s vocals are piercing and powerful throughout. Lastly, there is also a dark undertone covering the song, which adds another element to the already kick-ass track. “Travelers of destiny” is another highlight on the CD, with Patrick’s aggressive but melodic and high-pitched vocals backed with some growls via Bryan Edwards; all wrapped up with Tony’s supreme Iced Earth-styled guitar riffs. Other tracks that gets ‘Neverwhere dreamscape’ the tick of approval include the powerful and Riot reminiscent “The trader of pain”, the blistering “Roanoke”, the aggressive and dark-tinged “My dark passenger”, the multi-layered and diverse “Proclamations for devastation” (which also has a brilliant solo); and lastly the powerful and scorching riff-fest that is “Bad blood”.

In the end, for a first time collaboration between these 2 talented and creative minded individuals, you can see the results of their experiences and efforts with ‘Neverwhere dreamscape’. Expectedly there are blemishes here and there throughout the CD, however if Patrick and Tony were to continue on with this project, I’m sure the 2nd release would be even better than this one. Whether they decide to add further members such as a drummer and/or a bassist just to ease the workload for Tony, I’m sure they would have numerous musicians banging down their door wanting to be part of the project.

However for the 2 members making up Project: Roenwolfe; they should be very pleased and proud of what they have created with ‘Neverwhere dreamscape’. Relentless, bold, diverse and powerful are what comes to mind when describing this release and I’m sure fans of bands like Iced Earth, Riot, Warlord, Crescent Shield and many others will flock to this CD once it passes through their ears. Great job!




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