Primal Fear - Devil's ground 3.5/5

Reviewed: 11-26-04


1. Metal is forever
2. Suicide and mania
3. Visions of fate
4. Sea of flames
5. The healer
6. Sacred illusion
7. In metal
8. Soul chaser
9. Colony 13
10. Wings of desire
11. Heart of a brave
12. Devilís ground
13. Die young

Let's face it, Primal Fear doesn't pull any major surprises. By now, you probably already know what to expect from them. If you don't, 'Devil's ground' is the band's 5th CD of Judas Priest inspired power metal mixed with the trappings of the German Teutonic style. As usual, the songs are peppy, catchy, and generally rock. Vocalist Ralf Scheepers seems to have an ageless voice, still wailing away, hitting powerful high notes that shatter the tweeters in your sound system. If you've liked the other Primal Fear CDs, I'm sure you will enjoy this one as well. The biggest thing that makes this CD stand out, is closing title-track, "Devil's ground". Unfortunately, it's merely a pointless spoken word track that you'll never listen to again after the first spin. As for my favorite CDs, I'd probably rank the debut and 'Black sun' over this. The debut remains my favorite since it was my first taste of the band. 'Black sun' has a slight edge due to the monstrously heavy, and slightly different sounding "Mind machine". Having said that, 'Devil's ground' is most worthy, so fans of the band should get it, if they haven't already.

Oh and remember when I said Primal Fear doesn't pull any surprises? Apparently, I was lying. Rumor has it that Primal Fear plans to retool their sound for the next CD. So, we'll have to wait and see what the future will bring us from this talented band.




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