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Powerworld - s/t 3.5/5

Reviewed: 5-9-08


1. The dark
2. Creatures
3. Lake of eternity
4. Fight fire with fire
5. Signs in the sand
6. I reach the light
7. Dancing with angels
8. Your world is not mine
9. I just died in your arms
10. Breaking the silence
11. Don't walk on broken glass
12. Our melody

Powerworld is a new band from Germany that's made up of members who have past and present experience in other bands. Firstly, we have At Vance drummer Jurgen Lucas, then we have Evidence One guitarist Barish Kepic, but I would guess that ex-Freedom Call bassist Iliker Ersen and ex-Freedom Call keyboardist Nils Neumann are the band's creators. Only vocalist Steffen Brunner is unknown to me, but he has a crystal clear voice with plenty of range, so he's perfect for this style.

What music style is that, you ask? Well, although I could spit out numerous band comparisons, the bottom line is that Powerworld's 's/t' debut will appeal to fans of everything from the melodic metal style of Altaria and Kotipelto, to the melodic power metal style of Thunderstone and Stratovarius. I know that this is quite a large range of style/bands, but that's just it, just about everyone who regularly visits Metal CD Ratings should dig this. I will say however, that one band comparison that has definitely jumped out at me is Saidian, so if you have and like that band, grabbing this 's/t' CD immediately is recommended.

As you would predict, the tempo of this CD ranges from mid-paced to fast, and the variety is very well done. In fact, those who are burnt out on speed will find enough mid-paced/bouncy songs to satisfy, and those who must have speed should be satisfied as well. The band has truly done a great job of giving us a CD that will appeal to many metal fans, even regarding the keys, which are present, but not any more so than what you'd expect from the aforementioned bands.

All of the songs on this 's/t' CD are very good, but nothing has blown me away either. Everything surrounds simple yet fairly catchy riffs, some nice guitar solos, and much of the focus is on the choruses. I especially like the fun choruses of track 7 "Dancing with angels" and track 11 "Don't walk on broken glass", and I don't consider any song to be weak. There are no ballads, and just one would have been nice on a CD like this, but special mention must be made of the cover of Cutting Crew's "I just died in your arms". This song is also covered on Northern King's debut 'Reborn', but I've found Powerworld's version to be superior, as it's sped up to perfection and the guitar solo near the end is simply superb.

In the end, Powerworld has provided a predictable yet enjoyable debut that will appeal to many metal fans. With so many established bands changing their style these days, sometimes it's nice when a band offers up a simple and familiar-sounding CD that's in a style most of us will always charish. Powerworld has done just that, and I'm confident that by now you know if their 's/t' debut is for you.




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