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Power Quest - Magic never dies 4.5/5

Reviewed: 7-29-05


1. Ascension (intro)
2. Find my heaven
3. Galaxies unknown
4. Hold on to love
5. Diamond sky
6. The message
7. Soulfire
8. Children of the dream
9. Strike force
10. Another world
11. Magic never dies

Many people don't know that the success of this website has a lot to do with the Power Quest keyboardist, Steve Williams. The first full review ever written on this site was my review of Power Quest's previous CD 'Neverworld', and just a few days after the review was published I was contacted by Steve (spotted the review on a search I believe) who wanted to let me know he was glad I liked the CD so much. I was both honored and surprised he took the time to contact me, and it was at this time I realized that if my words could reach actual band members, reaching the fans would be easy. So the site was taken to the next level...

I can't expess enough how high my expectations have been for 'Magic never dies', and it's almost unfair to the band, as the rest of the CDs/bands that come my way usually don't have so much to live up to. I guess it's Power Quest's fault for releasing an absolute masterpiece just a year and a half earlier, a CD that was declared "my vote for best power metal CD of the year!". To this day, I stand by my rating and declaration like I do my love for music.

To my amazement, Power Quest has not only lived up to these high expectations, but has continued along the path that I had so very much hoped for. And although the CD constantly emanates 'Neverworld', I find the songs again very fresh and a lot of fun. Right from the start (after the quick intro "Ascension"), I've got the choruses grabbing my attention, especially with track 3 "Galaxies unknown". We're reminded again of some of the best hard rock days of the 80s with track 4 "Hold on to love" and track 8 "Children of the dream", an influence that is about as present on this CD as it was on 'Neverworld', but certainly not more. Both of these songs are excellent and definitely some of my favorites! I also like track 9 "Strike force" (one of the faster songs) and the catchy track 10 "Another world". Track 6 "The message" is the one ballad, and on a CD like this, the ballad being of high quality is crucial. Power Quest nails this magnificent ballad with ease! Hearing the clear voice of Alessio Garavello again has sure been nice, as he really made an impression with both of the bands previous CDs. Special mention must also be made to the spectacular guitar solos and amazing keyboard work that is present on every single song, just like we heard with 'Neverworld'. I never thought a band that's so keyboard oriented would be one of my favorites, but that's what makes them so special and brings us a nice variety.

So we end up with a sensational 3rd CD that compliments 'Neverworld' very well. I feel like the CD could have finished stronger, as "Magic never dies" isn't one of the better songs, but the CD is filled with plenty of excellent songs and overall is just a minor step down from 'Neverworld'. They still play with a lot of emotion, and although they share similarities with other bands in the genre (Supreme Majesty, Dreamtale, Sonata Arctica, Thunderstone, etc.), they have their own identity, one that has grabbed me and will stay with me for a long time. Let's hope they can continue to be so enjoyable and the "magic never dies".

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