Porridgeface (The) - Human shapes 4.5/5

Reviewed: 11-1-13


1. Manic frustration
2. In fraud we trust
3. Human shapes
4. Rivulets of virulence
5. Headstone epitaph
6. Babylon
7. After lie
8. I hate too much

Damn, can you believe it, our 3rd CD in less than one year! Will this be our swansong, only time will tell. Anders is a machine, running wild, and I am amazed how quickly he forges a song into solid steel, after I send him the lyrics. We both wrangled against insurmountable odds, but we prevailed with what is being praised as our best effort and collaboration to date. Our enduring humanity is what shaped this CD, fueled by hate and honesty. If you pay attention, you will realize how much pain, agony, suffering, wrath, and fear itself instigated and suspired this grave effort to its fruition and final fecundity.

"Manic frustration" is more than the opening cut, it is the opening of my vain attempt to become a tortured artist. I know... time to reach for my box of issues! The music has evolved, as has our songwriting, and the production has remarkably improved. Given the myriad of illegal downloads by the advocates of speed indulgence, fans are really digging what we have created, and the wildfire buzz is spreading like a disease.

My lyrical contributions for this one are rife and vast, and in fact only 2 older reworked tracks are represented: the bleak coalesced title track and the crimson deeds of "Babylon". I was so appreciative when Anders agreed to re-approach "After lie" and this updated version is by far the best one we could have conceived. It has arrived on the threshold of the impending un-holiday season with so much false truth to sell.

Where I work, and often labour in vain, "In fraud we trust" has become our new anthem right along with "Retail my life". I'm amazed given the wit of the wise heretic Brits like Rob Halford, Jeff Walker, Martin Walkyier, Dani Filth, etc. all who have invigorated me to write, and express my inner self, I'm the first one to think of this wordplay as I subsist, and continue to exist to resist and repudiate all "victim" mentality.

Like a time bomb exploding in your ears, each song stands on its own, and flows through your veins, attesting to our not humane, current mettle milieu. The pulsating and pounding riffs of the troubled mind wreak havoc with "Manic frustration", while the hair raising and hell raising "Rivulets of virulence" will tear your soul apart. Anders' vocals are so piercing just like the stabbing torment of this song's intent. As we are at the dawn of a decade of declared war, "Headstone epitaph" is my polemic attack on the borne to die, forever evil ongoing atrocities which are glossed over in the media, in favour of the latest "Who's fucking who?" headlines.

This is available digitally, but there are a handful of collector's limited edition CD pressings which include one of the following covers: "C'mon everybody" by Eddie Cochran, "What's the point" by Johnossi, and "Inget ljus" by Asta Kask. Maybe next time we can be treated to some awesome renditions which Anders has recorded for Thor, Nuclear Assault, Running wild, Vendetta, etc., and in fact, I feel he could release a CD of nothing but covers and call it "In your P-Face"!

Is this the beginning, the mettle or the end? As human shapes are made from the dark, then all we feel, know, want, and live for is HATE, and personally, with our cold, dead hearts still beating, you and I hate too much! So what's the point? You are what you create!

So c'mon everybody, it's time to once again get caught in the mosh and throes of repose, and cast your eyes upon the betrayer who is in fact you, and I. For as we gaze into that mere mirror, voraciously searching for veracity, when all deception is ignored, we all face our own portended fate.




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