Porridgeface (The) - s/t 4.5/5

Reviewed: 8-1-13


1. The throes of repose
2. Box of issues
3. Retail-my life
4. Down in the bog
5. The haunting suspicion
6. AAA
7. Mythadrinia
8. Zombie Jesus
9. A funeral just for one

All eyes are on the slayer of sanity, the purveyor of agony - Per Anders Göran Lindberg - he who makes his first defiance and spits in the face of the candid ugliness of all that is not mettle. That is right, The Porridgeface have returned with a new self-titled CD guaranteed to ensure that there is no deception ignored!

Those black as coal catchy chords, and infectiously melodic riffs return ready to ride out the night, and I have a haunting suspicion that each of the sonic malevolent notes, which are darker than before, will send you into the throes of non-repose. Believe me, if you feel like a zombie, and life is killing you - leaving you meek and mild, instead of running wild, then this tribute to life is the very release you need to become born again, lest you remain stranded in hell.

What makes this CD a departure from all others is that when Anders and I set out to create new material, he had me write the lyrics for 6 of the songs, before he ever composed the music. This spectacular 3rd release is riddled with speed, power, thrash, punk and even a bit more burnt offerings. Each of our bewitching songs stand out on their own, and the well-penned lyrics for each melody, chorus, and refrain respond with a subjective undercurrent, sure to leave you with a voracity for veracity.

This different approach compelled both of us to be more inventive. Once I first heard the demos and his masterful talent manifested with my words, I began to weep with joy. I was really anticipating that the first song we constructed "After-Lie" would have made the final cut, but given all the excellent material Anders has artfully created over the years, not to mention his exceptional covers that will never see the light of day, I have come to make my peace with this blatant omission.

The only hymn which I do not strongly support is the tongue-in-cheek "Zombie Jesus". Musically and lyrically I just do not find this track too appealing. The concept is clever, but the words are inchoate, and the music is too simplistic. However, the cajun hellish "Down in the bog" or morose and melancholic "A funeral for just one", though are both quite mesmerizing.

In fact, the ennui of variety is what makes this CD so incredible. Whether it is the homage to Gangreen or Tankard on "AAA (Addicted to Alcoholics Anonymous)", the dutiful respect paid to early Anthrax with the work anthem of "Retail my life" (a song we can all relate to if we toil in this field), or the eternal nightmarish "Throes of repose", each blistering cut leaves its indelible and excruciating mark on your soul!

In fact, to all those who illegally downloaded the last CD (and you know who you are!) the song "Box of issues" is dedicated to you! For those skeptics who are tired of the paranormal bullshit, then "A haunting suspicion" is one ghost story worth believing.

Clearly the most unique cut on here is the euphoric and psychedelic "Mithadriania". This journey into somnambulism and eternal rest is a sonic ballistic trip into the darkest recesses of the inhuman mind. This mystical journey within, this mass hypnotic cognition, is just what metal heads need to balance out all the intense speed and insanity. I strongly encouraged Anders to include this slow brooding ballad, even if it meant giving "Life is killing me" the axe. His bass parts, singing, and performance on this song are exceptional; showcasing his ultimate protean poise.

Anders is a very diligent musician, a hard-working man, recently a father who welcomed a son: Adrian, and most of all an endearing, yet very mercurial and opinionated friend from afar, as am I.

So let the mettle blood run red through your darkened hearts and thick veins and enjoy all that we have created.




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