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Phallax - Lower the flags 3/5

Reviewed: 6-1-13


1. Parasite
2. Sanctimonious
3. Zacharias
4. Fame for pain
5. Little boy
6. Hibakushas
7. Trgic world
8. Different view

Phallax is a German band that was formed in 2004. They released their debut 'The chandlers passion' in 2009 and this 2nd CD 'Lower the flags' was released in 2012. The CD's style is heavy/power metal with some thrash thrown in too, but there's a lot of diversity present and it's difficult to say that the CD belongs in one particular musical style. While vocalist Jogi offers up clean vocals, there are also some aggressive (thrash-like) vocals, and this brings in even more of a variety to the CD, though I'm not sure if I like the addition of the aggressive vocals or not.

To be honest, I've really struggled coming up with some direct band comparisons. Seriously, there are times when I'm reminded of Iced Earth, thrashy segments recalling Kreator, traditional moments somewhat similar to Iron Maiden, and portions of songs in line with Burning Point. These bands are all quite different from each other, so the CD really does wander throughout various styles, but because of this, the songs are all unique and remain intriguing.

The CD is short at just over 30 minutes, and while I don't consider it to be spectacular, it is good and thoroughly interesting because of the variety. I think the band has songwriting skills too, as the songs are fairly catchy, especially considering their diversity. So check this out if you're looking for something unique, and I'll definitely be watching for their 3rd CD, as I'm curious of what it will bring.




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