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Pathfinder - Beyond the space, beyond the time 4/5

Reviewed: 10-1-10


1. Deep into that darkness peering...
2. The whisper of ancient rocks
3. Vita reducta through the portal
4. Pathway to the moon
5. All the mornings of the world
6. The demon awakens
7. Undiscovered dreams
8. The lord of wolves
9. Sons of immortal fire
10. Stardust
11. Dance of flames
12. The island of immortal fire
13. Beyond the space, beyond the time
14. What if...

Out of Poland, Pathfinder is a fairly new symphonic power metal band that's stepping out of the demo stage and releasing their full-length debut 'Beyond the space, beyond the time'. I've actually been aware of the band for a few years, so it was exciting for me to learn that they were finally able to bring us this CD.

Musically, we get symphonic power metal with many neo-classical flurries, plenty of flashy guitar work, and a nice balance of both fast and slow songs. There's no doubt that the band is talented, as there are a lot of amazing musical segments that really grab my attention. Some are slow and beautiful, while others are fast, complex and extremely impressive.

Vocally, the band is fronted by Simon Kostro, who has a clear yet somewhat low voice, but there are also some occasional aggressive vocals (mostly on track 6 "The demon awakens"), some strong choirs, some occasional high-pitched vocals (mainly on track 13 "Beyond the space, beyond the time") and there are also some female/soprano vocals (courtesy of Agata Lejba-Migdalska) that are a really nice addition to the CD. In fact, I really look forward to the songs that she's present on.

For overall band comparisons, I'll throw out a long list containing Rhapsody of Fire, Derdian, 7 Seals, Holy Knights, Bride Adorned, Landguard, Magnalucius, Thy Majestie, Final Chapter, Divinefire, Yawarhiem, Skylark, Sound Storm, Ekzistencia, Gutter Sirens, Masterpiece, Ivory Moon and Kyrie Eleison. While not sounding exactly like one of these bands, Pathfinder really does fall somewhere in the middle.

Though the CD is quite long at just over 70 minutes, it's consistently excellent, interesting and enjoyable. In every way, this is a very professional debut - from the exceptional cover artwork, to the powerful production, and especially to the performances. The fact is, we've got a high quality band here with all of the ingredients in place and I look forward to many future CDs from them.




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