Paragon - Steelbound 2.5/5

Reviewed: 3-8-02


1. Thunderstorm
2. Steelbound
3. Deathsquad
4. New dark age
5. Don't wake the dead
6. Reign of fear
7. Burning bridges
8. Tears of the damned
9. Face ll face
10. Immortal
11. World of sin (bonus track)

This is the 4th release, more or less, from this German band, which to me has always sounded a lot like Grave Digger, especially with the simultaneously sharp, guttural, and yet melodic vocals...And maybe not as much the more refined Grave Digger of the last few CDs, not very original, but pretty good in their straight forward, direct, metal schtick, also reminiscent of the heavier recent UDO stuff and that type material.

The band has switched labels since 'Chalice of steel', and this CD was produced by Piet Sielck of Iron Savior, and although he's not given any writing credits, the band definitely seems to have absorbed this, as it sounds a lot like their prior material mixed with some of the feeling and songwriting of Iron Savior. Good, German metal with a more direct edge than most of the European power stuff, but still plump to the gills with plenty of melody, power, and aggression. This could almost be seen as the AC/DC template applied to European heavy metal, but the end result is not bad.




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