Pandaemonium - And the runes begin to pray 3/5

Reviewed: 10-28-05


1. The alchemist
2. Birth of the fallen angel
3. Sabbath day
4. Wings of the wind
5. The dark before...
6. The war of races
7. ...the light
8. Lone warrior
9. Pandaemonium
10. The alchemist (piano version)

Pandaemonium's debut CD is very typical for Italian metal. It features excellent melodies with significant classical influences. Italian singers are often questionable and there are differing opinions on Pandaemonium's Daniel Reda. His voice is very high – we’re talking about higher than Andre Matos’ - and can be difficult to listen to for some people, although I find him to be very effective. Reda also has an accent and mispronounces some words, but this is not very noticeable.

The music is very good. Melodies are everywhere from the vocals and the guitars. The music is typically fast, but there are some slower tracks, also. “The alchemist” begins with a very nice slower opening before picking up speed a little later in the track. “Birth of the fallen angel" is a strange little instrumental that doesn’t really go anywhere. The pace picks up nicely with the very good “Sabbath day”. “Wings of the world” is an excellent track with Reda’s higher notes combined nicely with lower male choir vocals. “The day before...” is fairly uneventful until a very nice male choir chant at the end. The last several tracks are unmemorable except for the final track, which is a very nice piano instrumental version of “The alchemist”.

This is an excellent CD from a band with what should be a strong future. One improvement which could be made would be for a more bass heavy production, as the lack of bass further pushes the thinness of Reda’s otherwise effective vocals. Very good songwriting and unique vocals make this a highly recommended CD for fans of Skylark and other classically influenced metal.




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