Overdrive (Swe) - The angelmaker's daughter 3.5/5

Reviewed: 3-1-13


1. Angelmaker
2. To grow
3. Brand new sinner
4. Short moments
5. Call the priest
6. Run out
7. Show you love
8. In gut we trust
9. It's not as easy as it seems

33 years later and Sweden's premiere metal attack act are still letting the mettle do the talking, while their hearts and heads just do the rockin'. Although, it's not as easy as it seems, even if in their gut they always trust.

This is the sequel to 'Angelmaker', appropriately titled 'The angelmaker's daughter'. I believe this was originally only released on vinyl limited to 300 hand-numbered copies. There are 6 previously unreleased tracks, all recorded during the Angelmaker' sessions. The record also includes an insert with photos, lyrics and a band logo patch.

The first 2 and 2nd to last track can be found on 'Angelmaker', so the first "new" cut is "Brand new sinner". This is a real treat, and the heat burns with a very infectious heavy and abiding anthem. Fans of Heavy Load, 220 Volt, Treat, Europe, etc. will be impressed.

The passionate "Short moments" is slower and has a very familiar UFO feel to it. This is a very evocative song. "Call the priest" showcases Per Periloz Karlsson's vocal capabilities. I am reminded with what he did with "The wavebreaker". The rampant "Run out" quickens the pace again with some very well-written and inspirational lyrics. I especially enjoy the solo jam session too. All of these musicians synch so well together, as evidenced by the illustrious ending instrumental.

"Show you love" has a back to basics approach. Clearly Overdrive wear their 70s influences on their banner held high, while wielding swords and axes. At a time when Anthrax and Adrenaline Mob are both poised to release EPs primarily of classic rock covers, I am always grateful to champion an act who have been actually active at a time when rock and metal were melding into one entity.

Main guitarist Janne Stark is a very busy man, besides keeping Overdrive active over 3 decades with his loyal band mates, he is continually working on his compendium of Swedish rock and metal. The 3rd volume is supposed to be the most grandiose to date. Honestly, I do not know how he does it.

Clearly, many new AOR and metal acts like Diamond Dawn are influenced by what Overdrive have created; especially, since they named their new CD 'Overdrive'.

If you have not heard these Swedish masters and their mission of destruction, then he who hesitates is lost. Now is the time to break out of the mist and join in the battle of rock!




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