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Opus Doria - Infraworld 3.5/5

Reviewed: 5-1-12


1. The sundial
2. The quest
3. Brain machine
4. The first crusade
5. The cry of the knight
6. The mission
7. Reborn
8. Wind whispers
9. Space of dilemma
10. A lost planet

Opus Doria is a new French band and 'Infraworld' is their full-length debut. They're female fronted, by Maela Vergnes, and her voice is of the soprano type, entering operatic territory on occasion. She's a great vocalist too, and certainly at the level of a lot of female vocalists out there these days. As for musical style, the band sits right in the middle of symphonic power metal. Since both the vocal and musical style are in line with my tastes, I was excited to get this CD, and it hasn't disappointed me at all.

While there is plenty of speed and a lot of the CD has catchy power metal riffs, one thing I like a lot is the use of a piano (courtesy of Laura Nicogossian), especially during the slow songs like track 7 "Reborn". The strings are well done too, there's a nice balance of tempo, and as a whole, the CD provides more than satisfying symphonic power metal. While I'm not completely blown away by any of the songs, they're all great; my favorite would be the upbeat and memorable track 8 "Wind whispers", but as much as I like the vocals, the extra-lengthy instrumental 'A lost planet' is a strong closer that remains interesting all the way through.

I always welcome new bands like this. Sure, the style (both musically and vocally) has been done before and this is one of those bands that probably wouldn't exist if there was never a Nightwish, but if the quality is there, I always enjoy new bands like this. Plus, the band will get even better as their songwriting skills improve even more and there's no doubt that they could become really competitive in the genre. So while this CD doesn't match CDs from established top-notch bands like Amberian Dawn, Wildpath, Dawn of Destiny, early Nightwish, or Xandria's monstrous 'Neverworld's end', it would be a worthwhile purchase for those who appreciate the efforts of other new bands like Dotma, Overdream, Dreamer, Adrana, Emerald Mind, Rosa Ignea, Niobeth and Lanewin.




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