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Operatika - Dreamworld (EP) 4/5

Reviewed: 5-27-05


1. Dreamworld
2. Gladiator
3. The storm
4. The calling

Normally, I don't pay any attention to EPs. But with references to bands like Nightwish, I just had to grab this one. I've also learned the songs on this EP will be exclusive, and the bands full-length debut (scheduled for 2006 to my knowledge) will contain all new songs. Another reason this EP is a smart purchase.

With the name Operatika, "opera" vocals is immediately implied, and this truly is the case. So the references to Nightwish are correct, and throw Visions of Atlantis, some Imperia, and maybe Magica in the mix as well. But there are differences (thankfully) with Operatika. I would say they are less symphonic than Nightwish and Visions of Atlantis, and the songs are a lot faster than anything from Visions of Atlantis for sure (so picture Nightwish's 'Oceanborn' and 'Wishmaster', as opposed to 'Once'). Operatika focuses more on furious guitar work, with quick riffs and blistering solos. It's actually the catchy guitars that stand out on track 1 "Dreamworld", rather than the vocals. But female vocalist Slava Popova is very good, and definitely can compete with any of the female vocalists from the mentioned bands. I love Slava's vocals on track 2 "Gladiator", as she stays in the lower range (alto) in the verses, then hits the soprano at the chorus parts. The short atmospheric interlude "The storm" is nice, but the faster songs (which includes the final track "The calling") are all outstanding, and definitely going to have a lot of power metal fans impressed.

I'm very curious to find out what the songs will be like on their first full-length CD. Are they going to have a ballad (or two), some mid-paced songs, or are they going to stay with the quick pace on every song? An interesting question, I guess we'll have to wait and see. But as for this EP, I don't hear any weaknesses, which is remarkable for being the first release by the band. They've already proven that they can write excellent power metal songs, while still providing a sound a bit different than what we hear from the mentioned bands. With their more guitar oriented focus and the vocals that Slava offers, there's no reason this band can't be a huge success.




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