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Olympos Mons - Conquistador 4/5

Reviewed: 12-30-04


1. Seven seas
2. Stars
3. The last light of the moon
4. Wanted man
5. Black
6. Through the ice and snow
7. Black desiree
8. Cleopatra
9. The princess of saba
10. Lady in white
11. Conquistador

This is the kind of band that really gets me excited. Lots of tuneful melodies, sing-a-long choruses, plenty of speed, and a great vocalist! There's the obvious early Helloween influence here, but for recent comparisons, this is in line with Guardians of Time, early Steel Attack, Dragonland, Freedom Call, early Morifade, Heavenly, Phoenix Rizing, and so on. The best comparison could be made to the Swedish band Insania though, an underrated band in my mind.

Olympos Mons aren't really showing us anything new, so there will be some that will complain of unoriginality, but I'll be the first to say "I could care less". The songs are totally fun and the choruses are spectacular, sometimes matching the quality level of those from the Guardians of Time debut 'Edge of Tomorrow'. The first few tracks "Seven seas" and "stars" are very fast, and definitely some of the better songs on the CD. I also like track 6 "Through the ice and snow" since it has such a fun chorus, the hard-hitting track 5 "Black", and the stomping track 8 "Cleopatra". But the grinding track 3 "The last light of the moon" is outstanding! Easily the most memorable, and is probably the song that takes this CD to its high level. The lengthy epic "Conquistador" that ends the CD is also a highlight, but the memorable choruses from the faster songs are what make this such an awesome CD.

This a release that keeps the power metal genre going strong. There aren't any ballads, every song is full of excitement, and they're all unbelievably catchy! If you're expecting a sound that's never been heard, look elsewhere. Otherwise, this is solid power metal!




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