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Odyssea - Tears in floods 3.5/5

Reviewed: 11-5-04


1. Intro
2. Fly
3. The king
4. Falling star
5. Burning time
6. Try again
7. Angel cries
8. Tears in floods pt.1
9. Tears in floods pt.2
10. Apocalypse
11. Creatures

It's been a little while since an Italian power metal band of this style has come around. Odyssea is not a symphonic band, if anything, they have a few progressive touches similar to bands like Labyrinth. Other bands that have come to mind are Projecto, Heavenblast, Nemesis, Morgana, Wonderland and Shadows of Steel. The vocals of Carlo Faraci are in line with the typical Italian (high falsetto) style, so Italian lovers should have no problem with the vocals. Just like most bands, Odyssea has their own sound though, especially with the guitars. There's lots of really cool guitar riffs and excellent guitar solos throughout. As far as the Italian bands are concerned, this band has some of the catchiest songs I've heard.

After the short intro, track 2 "Fly" gets the CD rolling with some great speed and even some guest vocals from Roberto Tiranti of Labyrinth. Not my favorite song on the CD, but a good start. Track 3 "The king" begins to show some great guitar work and the progressive touches creep in as well. Track 4 "Falling star" is spectacular! Great riffs, and a sweet sound reminding me of the magnificent Wonderland debut. This song is probably the best vocally, and it's just so cool from begining to end. Track 5 "Burning time" keeps the pace moving, as a similarity to Projecto is heard. We take a break from the quick riffs and get a slower song with track 6 "Try again" that has a neat guitar solo with the EQ definitely favoring the treble. Italian lovers are going to eat this up for sure! Catchy track 7 "Angel cries" again hooks us in, then we move into the mellow instrumental track 8 "Tears in floods pt.1" showing off the guitars a bit, and gets us ready for the extremely catchy track 9 "Tears in floods pt.2", excellent! The short but interesting track 10 "Apocalypse" leads to the final track "Creatures" that's here just to remind us that these guys are out to write catchy guitar oriented songs.

I really needed this release. I'm a strong lover of the Italian bands and these guys bring in their own sound, so this isn't "just another Italian power metal clone". This CD is so catchy, that I have hard time seeing anyone into this style not liking it. It's not quite up there with the best of Labyrinth, Shadows of Steel and Wonderland yet, but it's certainly above Nemesis and Heavenblast at this point. A very enjoyable CD, and a must for lovers of Italian power metal. This one really won me over!




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