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Oddiss - Young gods 3.5/5

Reviewed: 9-5-08


1. Intro
2. The castle
3. Young gods
4. The dreams
5. Atlantis
6. The poison
7. The guardian
8. The wedge
9. My love
10. Enola G
11. Voice of path

Oddiss is a Russian band that was actually formed way back in 1999, but they went through numerous line-up changes and even some band-name changes since that time, and didn't become Oddiss until 2005. 'Young gods' is their full-length debut, a Russian-language CD (I've translated the CD's title and tracklist), and to a degree, it's unlike any other Russian CD that I've got in my collection.

What Oddiss offers up is a unique style of epic heavy metal, with a somewhat deep atmosphere, plenty of keys (though mostly for creating the atmosphere), and some fairly dark moods. Their vocalist, Pavel Shuvaev, has a low voice that fits the band's epic style perfectly. Actually, one band that has popped into my head a few times as a comparison is Sentenced, as their CDs have the same unique and dark feeling.

Though 'Young gods' contains very little speed, I want to emphasize that it's not a boring CD at all (despite my style description - that might have some of you worried). Instead, it's a catchy CD that blends the guitar work, keys and vocals very well. Even though Sentenced is a good band comparison, because of the Russian language, I think there's a great chance this CD will appeal to fans of Catharsis and Oleg Mishin. Sure, Catharsis is much more of a power metal band (with speed) and Oleg's material is more exciting than what Oddiss is all about, but there are enough slight similarities musically, and the vocals are quite similar as well.

My favorite songs on 'Young gods' are definitely track 5 "Atlantis" and track 9 "My love", as they have an epic vibe, are extremely catchy, and are very memorable too. There are also some upbeat and fairly exciting songs though, and these would be track 3 "Young gods", track 8 "The wedge" and track 10 "Enola G", which in a way remind me of the Russian band Korsika, another band that's certainly worth mentioning as a comparison.

So although I've described 'Young gods' as epic heavy metal with a somewhat deep atmosphere and fairly dark moods (a la Sentenced), it grabs enough similar aspects from Catharsis, Oleg Mishin and even Korsika that there will definitely be Russian metal fans that will like this. The CD is somewhat short (just over 40 minutes) and every song is short (somewhere between 3 and 4 minutes), but they get to the point and overall this CD is very enjoyable. I really don't have anything negative to say, as it's great for what it is. So fans of Russian-language bands (especially the ones mentioned) and the unique style described should check this out.




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