Mourning Divine - Lost at the end of the world 4/5

Reviewed: 5-1-13


1. Ice symphony
2. Burn the witch
3. Open your eyes
4. Angel of light
5. Walking on the other side
6. Crystal eyes
7. Fly my soul
8. The gates of oblivion
9. Quest of the dragon king
10. The final sacrifice

Out of Germany, Mourning Divine unleash their full-length debut 'Lost at the end of the world', and what a surprisingly refreshing CD it is. Nailing down the band's style is tough, but my best attempt is to label them a mix of power metal, gothic metal and symphonic metal, but in a slightly progressive manner, and although there aren't a lot of folk instruments used, many of the melodies are somewhat folky. As if the blend of musical styles isn't enough, we also get a mix of vocal styles; while there are mostly clean male vocals, there are also rough male vocals, as well as some female vocals.

So this is a debut with a good amount of diversity, and while the band isn't directly comparable to another band, the unique twist of musical styles kinda reminds me of bands like Asylum Pyre or Crimfall. However, Mourning Divine is more successful at their approach and the CD is a cohesive, smooth and thoroughly enjoyable listen. Most of the CD gallops along at a mid-to-fast pace, while there are still a few slower moments. The entire CD is well done, but I personally like the fast and exciting track 4 "Angel of light", the fun and memorable track 7 "Fly my soul", and the intense track 8 "The gates of oblivion", as the contrasting clean/rough vocals really grab your attention.

Another aspect of this CD worth mentioning is how well the use of a piano is incorporated. Just focusing on that instrument alone is interesting, and when combined with everything else, this CD really leaves an impression. Honestly, I was shocked to discover that none of the members of this talented band are recognizable to me. It's like they came out of nowhere - so if you're into the musical styles mentioned and are looking for something that's refreshing (who isn't?), track this debut down immediately.




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