Mortyr - Rise of the tyrant 3.5/5

Reviewed: 10-1-13


1. New world order
2. Rise of the tyrant
3. Dark angel
4. Homicidal maniacs
5. Screams of death
6. Code red
7. Nuclear blast
8. Show me to hell
9. Merciless game

Straight from Sweden, on its way to hell, allow me show you yet another mortal creation from the dark angel of inspiration: Cederick Forsberg. His reborn ministry of madness brings a new world order of chaos and despair. As one delves into the demonic code, he will become blood red with anticipation as the tormenting and pulsating sonic blast, itself a nuclear assault on the senses, rips at his flesh and involves him in the perpetual merciless game of war, terror, and submission.

If you are a supporter of Stormspell Records, then you should already be familiar with Ced's work with Rocka Rollas, who are already poised to release another new CD in early 2014, or if you are aware of his insane idolizing of Running wild, then you would understand why he has chosen to include a cover on this CD ("Merciless game"), as well belong to another act called Blazon Stone who pay homage to the glorious Noise era piracy days, and not what the resilient Rockin' Rolf is now desperately striving to keep alive with his forthcoming CD 'Resilient'.

Just like us ugly manic hatemongers in The Porridgeface, who also this month just released our 3rd CD of the year called 'Human shapes', these homicidal maniacs express their feeling of betrayal and frustration with living the lie of life. There are only 2 members present, and the screams of death after death are handled by Jank who reminds me of Bob Martinez from Bay Area favorites Insanity, blended with the vitriolic vehemence of Tony Constanza from Nevada's Papsmear. It is quite clear that these mortal martyrs' vicious game has become a campaign to end all things.

This thrashfest of aggressive prefectors is named after a popular PC game and was recorded at Studio Tvatakt, Falun, Sweden. The music is a complete homage to all the great European acts who inspired this style like Protector, Artillery, Sodom, Merciless, Darkness, Onslaught, Bulldozer, and those American acts who kept the spirit strong like Abattoir, Dark Angel, Whiplash, Numbskull, Holy Terror, Morbid Saint, as well as a few Canadian acts like Annihilator, Razor, Sacrifice, Slaughter, Soothsayer, etc., who always have a good time by slaying with delight.

I also detect a bit of newer retrothrash ideals present, especially those epitomized by Toxic Holocaust, Warbringer, Havok, Hatchet, and so on. So if you like your thrash fast, technical, old-school, and riddled with melodic overtones then prepare for the rise of the tyrants, as they deliver the final command.




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