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Moonlight Agony - Echoes of a nightmare 3.5/5

Reviewed: 12-30-04


1. Into darkness
2. Icy plains
3. Echoes of a nightmare
4. Ceremony
5. Equilibrium
6. Ghost
7. Moonlit horizon
8. Vanished

Just like the Olympos Mons debut, this is in a style that I can't help but love. Right in between the Dragonland, Celesty, Zonata, Steel Attack and Insania (Swedish) style of bands, and the heavier power metal bands like Nostradameus. The band that has stood out as being the best comparison though, is the French band Invictus, as their debut has a sound very similar to Moonlight Agony. But the Moonlight Agony vocalist (Chity Somapala) is better than the Invictus vocalist, whose vocals took a while to get used to. The vocals from Chity sound closer to those from Freddy Persson of Nostradameus and Wiz.

Moonlight Agony has a very cool sound, but their main musical strength also becomes their one weakness at times. They have excellent hooks that make for a very interesting listen, but there are so many hooks and changes that make it difficult to get settled into the music on some of the songs. I don't think the band is really complex, I just feel lost at times.
Regardless, all the songs are really good, and some of the songs are extremely catchy! The pounding track 2 "Icy plains" is an example, and track 4 "Ceremony" and track 6 "Ghost" have fantastic choruses that remind me of the Swedish band Insania. Track 5 "Equilibrium" is probably my favorite, and has me thinking of Invictus with its powerful orchestration. The instrumental track 7 "Moonlit horizon" is good, but the final track 8 "Vanished" is one that I can't get settled into.

I really don't have a reason not to recommend this. It's strong power metal, with thundering riffs, and there are moments where the orchestration really pulls you in. Fans of any of the mentioned bands who would want a more interesting sound than what is with the more generic bands like Insania and Celesty, should surely pick this up. This is a band that could possibly be one of the better bands in the genre one day. Only time will tell...




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