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Mirror Morionis - Eternal unforgiveness 3/5

Reviewed: 11-1-13


1. Towards the woe
2. When mirror cries
3. Inner waste
4. The sun will never rise
5. Her morion eyes
6. Diamond sand
7. Graves filled with my dreams
8. Towards the loss within

While I've always been a major power metal fan and mostly listen to fast-paced CDs, 15 years ago I was greatly drawn to female fronted bands and eventually opened my arms to bands with the "beauty and the beast" vocal style. This led to my discover of atmospheric/gothic/doom metal masters Draconian - a killer band that's been around for over a decade and they already have a bunch of high-quality CDs. Since learning of Draconian, there have been other bands surface, and I've always given them a chance, hoping they could one day match the greatness of Draconian.

Throughout the years, some of the other bands that have popped up are Edenian, Amederia, Aut Mori, Symphonian, Auto-De-Fe, Locus Titanic Funus, Edenfall and Lorelei. Most of these bands are from Russia, which is exactly where Mirror Morionis is from, and for this debut 'Eternal unforgiveness' they've signed with Endless Winter, a Russian-based label that specializes in doom. While some of these Russian bands sing in Russian, Mirror Morionis has chosen the English language for this debut.

Musically, the CD is an atmospheric/gothic/doom metal blend that's fairly slow for the most part, just like what's heard from the mentioned bands. It's perhaps a bit slower than Draconian's style overall, and as you'd expect, some of the songs are extra-long. Though the production isn't at the level of what's heard from Draconian, Aut Mori and Lorelei (for quick comparisons), it's fairly good and in line with the sound from the other bands mentioned. I also think that this CD is more atmospheric than most CDs in the style, and Amederia is probably the best direct comparison.

Vocally, I like this band a lot, as the "beast" has a typical and deep death-style voice that's perfect for the style, and the "beauty" fits in well too, flowing nicely with the music, as opposed to overpowering it. The songs in general are definitely solid for the style, but they haven't quite captivated me like some of the songs from Draconian (for sure), or even from other new bands like Symphonian, Lorelei and especially Aut Mori, which is probably my favorite band from the style besides Draconian. Still, this is a promising debut and if you're into this style and some of the mentioned bands, you should certainly check out this CD.




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