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Mindfeeder - Endless storm 3.5/5

Reviewed: 6-1-13


1. The call
2. Endless storm
3. Colours of the skies
4. 1628
5. Feed your mind
6. Together
7. Memories
8. Our side of life

Portuguese power metal band Mindfeeder have accomplished quite a lot in their 10 year history, ultimately resulting in the release of their debut CD in May of this year. With a gut feeling Mindfeeder could have been named after the Iron Savior song (from their 2002 CD ‘Condition red’), I wasn’t surprised to see Mr. Piet Sielck mentioned in the credits for both performing and production of the Mindfeeder debut release, entitled ‘Endless storm’; but more on that later.

The current Mindfeeder line-up consists of vocalist Leonel Silva, bassist Sérgio Themudo, drummer Henrique Sobral, keyboardist Ricardo Martins and guitarists Nuno Carranca/Nuno “Piri” Serrador. The sextet are heavily influenced by the 90s and 2000s European power metal sound, which is the style they perform as well, but with a modern 21st century touch and approach. Previous to the debut CD, Mindfeeder has released a 5-track demo in 2004, with a song from it coming in at 7th place during a 2005 internet contest called the Heavy Metal Eurovision. Then the success from the 2006 EP ‘Mind revolution’ (mastered by Mika Jussila) resulted in Mindfeeder performing at many gigs and festivals around Europe in the following years and was also voted in the top 3 unsigned Portuguese metal bands by Portuguese metal magazine, LOUD!

The band has done all the groundwork in a short amount of time and had established a name for themselves locally without releasing a full-length release, even owning their own studio called Soundfeeder Studios. Mindfeeder are definitely a driven bunch of guys who knows what they want and as a result of their past success, there is a fair amount of anticipation hanging around this debut CD.

Piet Sielck is a well renowned and respected producer as well as a great frontman/guitarist for German power metal band Iron Savior. Sielck’s previous associations with other bands where has not only produced the CD, but also performed on it as well include Savage Circus, Grave Digger, Heavenly, Persuader, Paragon and Maverick. On ‘Endless storm’, Sielck mixed, master and co-produced the CD, as well as performing lead vocals on the track “Together” and backing vocals/choirs on every track on the release, and lastly a few solos here and there on a couple of tracks.

As for the song “Together”, Piet has a vocal duel with Leonel Silva, who is a very good singer with a melodic and passionate voice, with a decent amount of range, ability and power. While there are plenty of powerful rising guitar chords and double-bass kicking, the song’s structure draws back to the early days of Gamma Ray and Helloween, 2 bands who are heavy influences to Mindfeeder. Other influences rear their heads throughout the CD, particularly with the speedy track “Feed your mind”, which had a big early Edguy similarity to it. Even Silva kinda sounds like Tobias Sammet at times during the song; however what stands out on this track and on the remainder of it is a tight performance from dedicated musicians who play with a ton of confidence and ability.

With that said, however, I feel that overall the band plays maybe just a bit too tight and could have loosened up a little, or maybe taken a risk and went outside the box. While taking nothing away from their performance and as debuts go, ‘Endless storm’ is higher than average, I feel that they could have relaxed a bit more, as overall it does sound slightly robotic and is noticeable throughout the CD. Still there are more great tracks to choose from, including the Iron Savior and Majesty sounding “Colours of the skies”, the soaring and melodic opening track “The Call” and lastly the dynamic and thundering title track “Endless storm”, which also happens to be the best song on the CD.

Overall, here is another very well done debut CD from a band that should go onto bigger things if they continue in the way they are going. I am also very surprised that they do not have a record label still, however once ‘Endless storm’ has made its way round the traps I’m sure they will be picked up before the release of CD #2. Most melodic power metal fans will find this release enjoyable and quite worthy of a purchase, particularly the ones mentioned in this review.




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