Metalucifer - Heavy metal bulldozer 3.5/5

Reviewed: 5-22-09


1. Heavy metal ironfists
2. Heavy metal bulldozer
3. Heavy metal battleaxe
4. Heavy metal warriors
5. Heavy metal highway rider
6. Heavy metal mountain
7. Heavy metal wings of steel
8. Heavy metal ambition
9. Heavy Metalucifer
10. Heavy metal demons

Bronze, steel, iron, or any type of heavy metal is what you will get from Metalucifer, guaranteed. After 8 long years, these Japanese soldiers of fortune have proven their mettle, and finally created a new CD, with each song about... well... heavy metal!

As this is only their 3rd full-length release, they really get the lead out; thereby, displaying a little more diversity and flair. They still hold true to the NWOBHM style that they are known for, but they experiment a little bit with a plenary indulgence; suggesting that they have matured, and realized that many metal heads respect what they have been doing for over the past decade.

Metalucifer know the heavy metal drill, and they cut through the fatuous nonsense, with a hearty, heavy chainsaw metal attack. With solid steel reserve, and undying ambition, they sever and slice their way into your heart. With the soul of a warrior, the cry goes out for all headbangers to unite. Join these heavy metal samurais, who with heavy metal battleaxe in hand, hail and kill! On heavy metal wings of steel, we are all fighting the world, and subduing the monsters of the earth.

Heavy metal bulldozer is a solid CD. There is plenty of powerful metal polish, and glistening steel, slicing right through the bone, and piercing the flesh. After several listens, one will feel as if an anvil has fallen from the sky, crushing his silver skull, shattering it into utter detritus.

The CD begins with "Heavy metal ironfists", a call to arms for the heavy metal revolution. This song champions classic metal with its Priestly "sin after sinful dissident aggression", its Accept 'Restless and wild' overtones, and Manowar type 'Battle hymns'. In fact, early Manowar seems to be a strong influence in the writing of this CD. Many of the songs carry on with this iron glory. "Heavy metal battleaxe" has the "Hail and kill" chorus; while, the opening riff to "Heavy metal wings of steel" sounds lifted from the song "Fighting the world".

The title track will definitely appeal to fans of Tank, Angel Witch, Blitzkrieg and early Saxon. Gezolucifer (what a name!) has a strange pronunciation, and it almost sounds like he is saying "Heavy metal loser". As the heavy metal bulldozer is a symbol of crushing the weak, this is rather ironic. Lyrically, these heavy metal warriors allude to a final salvific terminator, an avenger, who will conquer with unmerciful fate, all those who oppose.

Last I checked, all bulldozers are made of metal, and they sure know how to crush, kill, and destroy. One who bulldozes, ruthlessly threatens, and imposes his will over others. Perhaps, since the Italian Sodom likes - Bulldozer - have welcomed the day of wrath, and final separation with their new CD forthcoming, the whole term is based on an unexpected fate?

Like most speed metal merchants, and fast kill Japanese acts like Magnesium, Sex Machineguns, Galneryus or Gorgon, the heavy metal fever burns high. On a track like "Heavy metal highway rider", the spirit of Deep Purple and Accept is exonerated. The essence of "Midnight highway", "Highway star", and "Speedking" all run the human race against time and place.

In keeping with tradition, "Heavy Metalucifer" is an involved instrumental, sure to please most. "Heavy metal mountain" is quite epic, and rather slow, with just a glom of Sabbath and Thin Lizzy provided. This is definitely the weakest track, and not overly enjoyable; especially with all the yowls and screams of pain. That being said, it still trounces anything those would be doomsayers like Mastodon, The Sword or Viking Skull like to propound as being metal! It is much more in line with Bible of the Devil or Slough Feg.

"Heavy metal ambition" is a sign of pure bravado, with the mettle spirit running free. The chorus elucidates, "Heavy metal ambition, burning my vein, boiling my blood... exciting my brain, beating my heart...". The music of Metalucifer will raise you energy levels, and fire your passion for true metal.

The fast, final cut "Heavy metal demons" almost sounds like Gezolucifer and Elizaveat's other dark act Sabbat, with its haunting riffs and ragin' walkrie windrift. This is a good choice for bringing this CD to its terminal velocity.

It should be noted that 'Heavy metal bulldozer' has been released in 3 different versions, with 3 different covers. There is the English version released by RIP Records, the Japanese version released by Holycaust Records, and the German version released by Iron Pegasus Records, with an alternate tracklist and a different line-up.

On The German version, the members of Metal Inquisitor perform, and Blumi sings and plays guitars. The only version I have is the one which The End Records stocks, namely the English rendition. Therefore, I cannot comment on the German or Japanese sung versions; although, I would be interested in hearing them.

Overall, Metalucifer deliver the goods with another straightforward metal CD. One has to look beyond the broken English or bizarre lyrical references, and just focus on the music, which is pure, alluring, fascinating, infectious, and truly quite enjoyable.

Metalucifer leave their indelible dint in the mind of metalheads, and I am honored to share the presence with them, because heavy metal is my way too!




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