Metalium - As one/Chapter four 3/5

Reviewed: 7-24-04


1. Astral avatar
2. Warrior
3. Pain crawls in the night
4. Find out
5. No one will save you
6. Meaning of light
7. Illuminated
8. Meaning of light (reprise)
9. Athena
10. Power strikes the earth
11. Goddess of love and pain
12. As one

First, this version of the new Metalium CD comes with bonus of their prior CD, 'Hero nation', in a 2-CD set. All for the same price of a single CD, so for anyone who doesn't already have that prior CD, this is a really magnificent bargain. For those of us who already owned the other, it's not as big of a bonus. Anyway, as you may have heard, Metalium cranks out ear-piercing, paint-peeling power/true metal heavily in the vein of highest octane Judas Priest, flavored through the ranks of Primal Fear. The results are frequently outstanding, and this latest work does not disappoint in the slightest.

"Pain crawls in the night", which has an accompanying video of it for computer viewing, has one of the greatest choruses I've heard from this band, with that combination of ascendant sky piercing and catchy melody. On 'Hero nation', the band helped evolve their lyrics by taking the whole true metal/mythical metal warrior scenario and basing all the lyrics on various historical and mythological heroes, and this CD does so with a similar focus, but all on female icons. In fact, and I'm not making this up, the female side of their metal hero is "Metaliana" (now stop laughing!!), but hey just because they have that name doesn't make the CD or lyrics silly or stupid. Anyway, if you like the band's prior outings, and you like Primal Fear, this is definitely recommended.




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