Memorized Dreams - Theater of life 3.5/5

Reviewed: 7-1-05


1. Welcome to the theater
2. Cardinal sin
3. Haloes and wings
4. Gates of heaven
5. Sea of oblivion
6. Neverland
7. Revelating paradise
8. Light above all
9. Crimson dream

'Theater of life' is the debut for Memorized Dreams and, though it has some faults, it's an extremely successful CD. The band has a full 7 members which includes 2 keyboard players. Despite this, the keyboards aren't highly featured or noticeable in the sound. As is usual for power metal, it is a very uptempo, speedy, melodic CD featuring a very strong guitar sound, and it is very good.

As mentioned, the CD is fast and melodic almost the whole way through. The only exception to this is the very nice ballad, "Sea of oblivion". Other than that this is classic power metal from start to finish. The main attribute of this band is the songwriting. Every track is very good; and most importantly, the melodies are memorable. It is not one of those CDs that you enjoy when you are listening to it but quickly forget 5 minutes later. After listening to this CD it is difficult to not have the melodies going through your head for several days. In addition to strong melodies there is good instrumentation behind the singing which maintains the correct feeling through the tracks.

While this is a strong CD, there are a few negatives which must be mentioned. Unfortunately, the singer is adequate but no more than that. He has a nasally quality to his voice and his voice also flattens out when going for higher notes. Other negatives to the CD are that the production is a little flat and the CD's running time is just a touch over 40 minutes, which is shorter than most CDs are these days.

Overall this is a very strong CD, especially for a debut. The future of the band is very good because the one thing that any band must have is the ability to write good songs and the band shows on this CD that they can do that. Although the singer is merely average, he has been replaced so that negative should not carry forward to future CDs. With the new singer, this should be a very strong band in the future as long as they are able to maintain the high quality songwriting found on 'Memorized dreams'.




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