Megadeth - The system has failed 3/5

Reviewed: 11-5-04


1. Blackmail the universe
2. Die dead enough
3. Kick the chair
4. The scorpion
5. Tears in a vial
6. I know Jack
7. Back in the day
8. Something that I'm not
9. Truth be told
10. Of mice and men
11. Shadow of deth
12. My kingdom

After hearing news of the injury to Dave Mustain a few years back, the future of Megadeth was unknown. I've been a fan since their beginning, so I was glad to hear that Megadeth is still alive, even though they haven't amazed me in a while, and I really miss their glory days. Dave has brought in all new members (I believe) for his attempted comeback, and there certainly isn't a real obvious loss of talent of any kind, as you can hear the typical Megadeth throughout the entire CD. Comparisons to their other CDs is hard, as I think every Megadeth CD has entered my mind at one point while listening to this, and that unfortunately includes 'Risk'.

The CD starts out really well. Track 1 "Blackmail the universe" is plenty heavy with a nice guitar solo, and track 2 "Die dead enough" is highly memorable with its great chorus, probably the highlight. Track 3 "Kick the chair" is an awesome song with lots of speed! Track 4 "The scorpion", and track 5 "Tears in a vial" are very well written, and it's impossible to hear these songs and not think of Megadeth right away, great! We continue with the Megadeth sound we all know and love through to track 8 "Something that I'm not", so the first 2/3 of the CD is very good. But the CD really takes a turn downward for the last 4 songs. Track 9 "Truth be told" starts the downfall with unappealing guitar work reminding me of 'Risk', and is also the song with the worst vocals on the CD. The remainder of the CD comes off as average at best, and unfortunately takes away from the excellent start.

This is a good comeback, and it's nice to know that Megadeth is still alive, but this certainly doesn't match their masterpieces like 'Rust in peace' or 'Countdown to extinction'. Maybe this is somewhere between 'The world needs a hero' and 'Cryptic writings'? A great effort by Dave and the new crew, but in the end, isn't a big improvement over their previous CD 'The world needs a hero'.




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