Manowar - The sons of Odin (EP) 4/5

Reviewed: 11-3-06


1. The ascension
2. King of kings
3. Odin (orchestral, immortal version)
4. Gods of war
5. The sons of Odin

After over 4 years since Manowar's last CD, the excellent, 'Warriors of the world', Manowar is scheduled to release their new CD early next year. As a teaser for the full-length they have released this new EP 'The sons of Odin'. Being a Manowar junkie, I was excited to hear some new material. This EP consists of 5 tracks, but only 3 "proper" songs.

The first 2 tracks are live from the Earthshaker Fest. They really just make up one song (plus an intro). "The ascension" is the intro and starts off with epic sounding keyboards and narration. There is also a very brief (but beautiful) sung part by Eric Adams and it's clear the man can still deliver powerful, emotional vocals. This leads directly into "King of kings" which is just the sort of speedy epic you would expect after that intro. Lyrically and musically, Manowar is treading the same old ground, but by now Manowar fans would expect (or want) nothing else. The music is hard, and driving pure metal. The lyrics (on the whole EP) are the generic Manowar word blender, (Kings, chariots, swords, blood, death, war, steel, etc.) but formulaic or no, the song kicks butt.

Next is "Odin" and on the EP is referred to as the "Orchestral, Immortal version". This is a keyboardy, classical instrumental. It's slow-paced and has an epic soundtrack feel. It isn't anything great, but doesn't last long enough to wear out its welcome, so it's ultimately harmless. Next we have "Gods of war" which begins with (again) keyboards which rapidly turn into a slow-paced gallop. This is a total Manowar anthem, and is completely awesome. The title-track concludes the EP and it's a mid-paced rocker along the lines of "Blood of my enemies" or "Call to arms". Again, it's a fantastic song. Manowar maniacs will be singing along - "Glory and fame, blood is our name..."

On this EP Manowar provides exactly what you would expect. These 3 songs have all the epic grandeur and metal pomposity that you would hope and expect to hear from the "Metal Kings". Being a Manowar disciple, I love every second of it, and can't wait to hear the full-length CD 'Gods of war' next year. Let's hope we are spared the inevitable delays that seem to plague all Manowar CDs.




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