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Majesty of Revival - Through reality 3.5/5

Reviewed: 3-1-13


1. Meaning of life
2. Self control
3. The moonlight
4. The code
5. Masked illusion
6. Blind
7. Magnalia Dei
8. Reality
9. Epilogus

Majesty of Revival is a new and exciting power metal band from the Ukraine and 'Through reality' is their full-length debut, which was picked up by the label Metal Scrap Records. What immediately stood out to me is that the band's vocalist is Konstantin Naumenko, who is also the vocalist for the spectacular band Sunrise, who already have 2 amazing CDs under their belt - 'Liberty' and 'Trust your soul'. 'Trust your soul' was probably my favorite CD in 2010 (it received the ultra-rare 5/5 rating!), so you can imagine that I was really looking forward to this debut.

The band plays a fast and fairly aggressive style of neo-classical power metal, and their bassist/guitarist Dimitriy Pavlovskiy also has a solo project named Powersquad. That project actually contains many members from Majesty of Revival, and they've already released an all-instrumental 's/t' debut. So Dimitriy is an experienced and skilled guitarist, and this CD has plenty of flashy and lightning-fast neo-classsical styled guitar work. We usually don't find guitarists like this from the Ukraine (like other countries in Europe - especially Sweden), so this CD is kinda special.

For overall comparisons, the band fits well into the group that contains bands like Angel of Eden, Iron Mask, Crylord, Euroforce, Space Odyssey, Reign of Terror, Evil Masquerade, Steel Seal, Majestic, Virtuocity, Time Requiem, and the best direct comparison is probably Magic Kingdom, as like that band, Majesty of Revival is slightly faster and more aggressive than most of these other bands. In fact, they even throw in some extreme (death) vocals on this CD, though very little, which is a good thing in my mind, as I greatly prefer Konstantin's clean vocals.

The quality of this CD can easily be described as consistently great. None of the songs are weak, while none of them absolutely blow me away either. Musically the CD is excellent and definitely near the 4/5 level, but the extreme vocals bring the CD down just a bit for me personally (even though there's not a lot of those vocals), and I also feel that Konstantin, while really good on this CD, stands out more on Sunrise's CDs and perhaps he fits Sunrise's melodic power metal style a little better. Regardless, this is a strong start for the band, and if you're into neo-classical power metal and the bands mentioned as comparisons, you'll surely be satisfied with this CD.




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