Lyken21 - Konceptus 3.5/5

Reviewed: 9-1-13


1. Coven 13
2. Lost head
3. Deth be no more
4. Victimized
5. Tomorrow
6. Doomsday deception
7. Eat it up
8. Psychocoustic
9. Come one, come all
10. I do
11. Midlife
12. Wind

With dogged persistence, Jersey hopefuls Lyken21 will sink their teeth in deep with their new release 'Konceptus'. This CD picks up where 'Chaos before the crime', against humanity, left its mark. Riddled with clever songwriting, punchy rhythms, and aggressive intent, perhaps the 3rd time is the charm. Fans of U.S. power/thrash will just eat it up. I'm reminded of Meliah Rage, Seven Witches, Crawl 2 Chaos, All Too Human, etc.

There is also a vibrant late-80s/early-90s hard rock vibe prevalent, and acts like Saigon Kick, Heaven's Edge, Skid Row, Warrior Soul, early Psychotic Waltz, and so on, who set the standard for tomorrow may have poisoned their mind with a slight stream of influence. Charismatic vocalist Marton Miklos has a dark tone to his enunciations, which are still quite clear. I'm reminded of Ian Ashbury from The Cult with a hint of Harley Flannagan of Cro-Mags or Alex Mitchell of Circus of Power. Emir and Oleg provide quality guitar work to counterbalance his surreal, killer voodoo chants. Andres Nuiver keeps the pace with his caustic bass dynamics. An excellent example of this would be with the revelation reality felt on "Lost head", the 2nd track which follows a re-worked version of the song "Coven".

The updated version of "Deth be no more" - originally recorded for their debut 'Mindstream' - has a total classic feel in the vein of The Rods, Anvil, and T.T. Quick, with a hint of that epic NWOBHM flavor; especially, Tygers of Pan Tang. "Victimized" is short, fast, and to the point. The best and most uplifting track has to be experienced with the psycho scream of "Tomorrow". The lyrics and melodies make this a perfect radio-friendly hit for fans of Sacred Oath or Zero Down.

"Pschocoustic" feels like a slower version of "Psycho scream" from their sophomore performers' masquerade. Is that a keyboard solo I detect in "Eat ut up"? There is a little too much Faith No More style rappin' on "Come one, come all", but I get the gimmick, and fans of Gwar will approve. I assume "Doomsday deception" reflects upon the lies of the Mayan Prophecy from December 22nd which so many feared would be the end, nigh almost a year ago. My only dubious concerns are with the midlife crises I'm about to encounter in the not too distant future.

I'm also impressed with the memorable, yet sincere ballad "I do". These whispered melodies totally honor the sanctity of marriage. The duet of male and female vocals serve to articulate and accentuate this union of souls. So come one, come all and rise up to the resounding chaos, before the crimes of tomorrow swallow your soul. Hail Lyken21.




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