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Luna Aeterna - Mystery 3/5

Reviewed: 10-26-07


1. Mystery
2. My angel
3. The phantom of the past
4. In your hands
5. Ther's life in death
6. Agony
7. The night comes again
8. Damned river
9. Temple of love
10. Snow queen

Although I've really been into Russian-language bands the last few years, Miriada and Kaira are the only female fronted bands I've acquired and neither feature vocals in the operatic style. So I was looking forward to receiving the Luna Aeterna debut 'Mystery', as I'd heard they were the Russian Nightwish. Well, it became obvious in the opening moments of the CD that this truly is the case. Simply put, Luna Aeterna is the Russian answer to Nightwish, Rosa Ignea, The Aerium, Visions of Atlantis, Star Queen, Legenda Aurea and so on.

As for the quality of 'Mystery', it's a solid or "above average" CD, for sure. All the way around, from the vocals to the music, this is a solid CD and I quite enjoy it. I should mention that there isn't a lot of speed present, and most of the songs are of the mid-paced or upbeat/bouncy variety, focusing on simple yet catchy rhythms and pleasant vocals. A few neat guitar solos pop up and the symphonic presence is about what you'd expect from a beginning band like this, a la the debuts from Rosa Ignea and Legenda Aurea. So if you have those CDs, you know what to expect here.

But the question is, even if you're into female fronted symphonic power metal bands, do you need another one like this in your metal world? Well, I believe that will be depend on a few things; for starters, though Luna Aeterna could probably be labeled a clone (just like the many other bands I've mentioned), the Russian language sets them apart and if you're into the Russian language at all (the CD's title and tracklist is translated, btw), you may want to grab this CD based on that fact alone. Also, if you like discovering new bands that give us a nice effort and show a good amount of potential, then Luna Aeterna might be what you're looking for.




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