Lucid Dreaming - The chronicles pt. I 3.5/5

Reviewed: 10-1-13


1. Introduction
2. Motherless child
3. The quest for the white pig
4. Side by side
5. To caer dathyl
6. Swords for Prydain
7. Land of darkness
8. Where evil rides
9. The price
10. No turning back
11. Farewell

For those who are familiar with the multi-talented work of Till Oberboßel in Elvenpath, then I'm sure you will be pleased to hear his new all-star act. Lucid Dreaming is a power metal opera in the same vein as Avantasia, Soulspell, and a whole host of others.

This argosy of altruism is comprised of an amazing gathering of talent and creativity. A roster of who's who in the German underground appear on this epic homage to the childhood fantasy based works of Lloyd Alexander. For the uninitiated, Disney attempted to pay homage to the series with their much maligned 1985 animated film 'The black cauldron'.

Till has enlisted the guitar expertise from his active (Oliver Rossow) and past brethren from Elvenpath (Michael Petrick), while he himself is responsible for all the songwriting and for playing guitars, bass, and keyboards. Phillip Koch does the tribal war drumming and several renown vocalist also contribute their skills each allowing for his or her own distinctive vocal histrionics. Some of these include: Torsten Herbert, Ruth Knepel, Leo Stivala, Jordan Cutajar, as well as Alex Stahl from Roxxcalibre, Jutta Weinhold from Zed Yago fame, and even Jason Conde-Houston from Skelator. Apparently Till is a fan of Skelator, and Jason's vocal style in particular, so he contacted him via Facebook, and the rest is history.

The whole musical concept deals with the first 2 books of The chronicles of Prydain. The music as one would expect is melodic German power metal with some epic qualities, and several layers. Fans of Blind Guardian, early Nightwish, Grave Digger, Wolfpakk, Edguy, Heaven's Gate, Hammerfall, Rhapsody of Fire, Therion, etc. will appreciate what this has platter serves when the cauldron boil over with such majestic harmonies.

In fact, on more than one occasion I'm reminded of Timi Tolkki's Avalon; however, this is more polished and the songs tend to flow much better. I also find this to be far more engaging than the most recent Avantasia affair. Many of the more current progressive Iron Maiden overtones are ever present, as well.

So, I invite you to the theatre of salvation, to stand side by side with the martyr and maker of this reality. Here is your chance to witness the pomp and circumstance, and partake in one man's artistic vision and interpretation of this timeless classic with a heavy touch of mettle. Till knows that there is no turning back, when the bell tolls, and each man must pay his price. With this valiant effort, I know that Till has not toiled in vain. So until our sacred paths cross 'gain enjoy and... farewell.




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