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Love.Might.Kill - Brace for impact 3.5/5

Reviewed: 10-1-11


1. Tomorrow never comes
2. Calm before the storm
3. Pretty little mess
4. Caught in a dream
5. Through the dawn
6. Brace for impact
7. We are the weak
8. Down to nowhere
9. Pray to your god
10. Reach out
11. The answer
12. Will love remain

Fans of melodic metal rejoice as there is a new band to get excited over, I speak of Germany’s Love.Might.Kill. Funny name, with the dots in between each word, but it’s certainly not the worst I’ve seen in my lifetime. In the band’s influences, which range from Rainbow to Judas Priest, the debut CD ‘Brace for impact’ is indeed an exceptional release that also borders on power metal and 80s melodic metal/rock on occasions.

Formed by the long-time ex-drummer of power metal band Metalium and now current Firewind drummer since 2010, Michael Ehré, Love.Might.Kill was created in 2009 from Ehré’s vision of wanting his own metal band. Joining the drummer is guitarists Stefan Ellerhorst and Christian Stöver (both ex-Crossroads), bassist Jogi Sweers and unknown but impressive vocalist Jan Manenti. Jan has a great voice for melodic metal, very passionate and soulful; and at times can be quite similar to the great David Coverdale (Whitesnake) and the late Ronnie James Dio.

Signed with Massacre Records, ‘Brace for impact’ was co-written and produced by Michael Ehré, and mixed by Markus Teske, whose previous works include Spock’s Beard, Vanden Plas and Saga. The CD was released in June 2011 to some quite positive reviews around the globe, including this one. The first thing I noticed while listening to the CD was just the pure enjoyment of the music and the high craftsmanship of all involved. I was also amazed by vocalist Jan Manenti, who seems to have come out of nowhere and is a superb find for Ehré and the band as a whole.

Not overly hard and heavy (comparing to modern power metal), ‘Brace for impact’ blends a wonderful mix of 80s melodic metal/hard rock with modern European melodic/power metal that is quite catchy, energetic and largely entertaining. The CD features lots of melody with frequent and tantalising guitar riffs and wails; with also some groove thrown in for good measure. Twin guitar blast a la Judas Priest are one of the many highlights throughout (as well as the mesmerising solos throughout) and 2 thumbs up must be given to Stefan and Christian for their fantastic performance on ‘Brace for impact’. The diversity created by infusing a power metal feel into their melodies and structures is another standout, as their songwriting doesn’t follow the same script or formula for each track; while there’s nothing wrong with beefing up a few tracks here are there.

While all of the tracks are of a consistent high quality, the standout picks of the bunch would be as follows: the old-school 80s hard rock CD opener “Tomorrow never comes”, which is a hearty and vigorating track that is instantly catchy and memorable, next the speedy and melodic “Calm before the storm”, the powerful, catchy and emotional “Pretty little mess”, which sounds a lot like Dio/Rainbow at times; and the Whitesnake influenced “Caught in a dream”. Without wanting to name the entire CD, I must add that the title track “Brace for impact” is another top song, that could have easily fitted onto Edguy’s ‘Rocket ride’ CD; while “Down to nowhere” contains a thumping double-bass and swift guitar riff into that doesn’t let up during the entire track; a kick-ass track which could possibly be the heaviest song on the CD.

Not intended to be anything ground-breaking, ‘Brace for impact’ is a very solid and well performed CD that has a lot going for it. Without talented and versatile vocalist Jan Manenti, this could have been a melodic metal release just like the hordes of others and nothing to show that would break away from those masses. Love.Might.Kill has definitely gotten off to a splendid and exciting start that has a bright future in front of it; and now Michael Ehré has another successful band to add to his portfolio (with Firewind being the other current band). For melodic metal fans that also enjoy the “softer” side of power metal and 80s metal/hard rock.




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