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Lord Divine - In disgrace 4/5

Reviewed: 12-18-09


1. Pleasure (My own pain)
2. My truth
3. The end
4. By myself
5. Angels in disgrace
6. Train of tomorrow
7. Out of my way
8. Going blind
9. I miss you
10. No words

I have a feeling that many of you haven't heard of this band, and it's a shame, as their style is quite popular and when well done, can be very enjoyable. The style I'm speaking of is melodic metal with a progressive edge and moments of power metal. I'm going to get you thinking of one particular band right away, and that is Cloudscape. You know Cloudscape... the band that performes melodic metal at an extremely high level, with the perfect amount of progressive metal and power metal incorporated. Lord Divine is truly similar, though I think they lean more to the progressive side than Cloudscape, and a few other comparable bands are Silent Memorial and Dreamscape.

Surprisingly from Argentina (I would have guessed Sweden), the band was formed in 2003, released their debut 'Where the evil lays' in 2004 (later released as the Spanish-language CD 'Donde yace el mal' in 2005) and this 2nd CD 'In disgrace' was released in 2007. I've actually had it sitting in my "unlistened" pile since 2008, as I was waiting to grab the debut too, which took a long time and is apparently a lot harder to grab than this 2nd CD. Anyway, I now regret having this sit so long, as melodic/progressive metal (with some power metal too) has been a style that I've really been into recently.

One thing that stands out right away with this CD is that, just like Cloudscape, Silent Memorial and Dreamscape, the CD is heavy and there's a lot of crunch with the guitar work. Also, compared to the debut, the band's songwriting skills have gotten better, as the debut is merely decent or solid (at best), and this CD is much catchier and also more memorable. Vocally, Esteban Merdeni does a good job and his vocals are similar to what's typical of this style of metal, but he's not quite as powerful as Micael Andersson (Cloudscape/Silent Memorial) for a quick example. Still, he has improved since the debut and is a more than worthy vocalist.

Simply put, if you're a fan melodic/progressive/power metal you should check this out. Since I am, I've really been enjoying it, and I hope some of you do as well.




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