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Lights of Nightmares - s/t 3/5

Reviewed: 3-1-13


1. Lights of Nightmares
2. The unknown journey
3. I'm not worth it
4. Far apart
5. Starnight
6. War
7. All alone
8. Nostalgia
9. Dark & light

Not a lot of metal comes out of Portugal, but that's exactly where Lights of Nightmares is from. This is their self-released 's/t' debut, and its style is symphonic/melodic metal with some moments of power metal, and some slight progressive metal elements as well. The band's vocalist is Pedro Baptista, who has a clean and crystal clear voice. He won't amaze you with his range, but he has a nice tone, and does a good job. He's also a perfect fit for the band's musical style.

To stand out in the melodic metal world, the songs must be extra-catchy and very memorable. With this in mind, this debut can easily be considered a solid "above average" CD. There are definitely some highlights - the opener "Lights of Nightmares", track 3 "I'm not worth it", track 4 "Far apart" and track 5 "Starnight" (my favorite on the CD!) are all great songs. The rest of the CD hovers around a level of okay or "average", and there's no doubt that the center portion of the CD is the best.

In many ways, this has the feel of a debut. Though there isn't a huge difference between the quality of the best and worst songs, consistency is lacking just a bit. The band already has a worthy vocalist though, and with some improved songwriting, I'm confident that their sophomore CD could be even better. So I'll make sure to keep an eye on this band, and fans of melodic/symphonic metal should surely check out this CD.




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