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Leverage - Tides 4/5

Reviewed: 7-27-07


1. Fifteen years
2. Superstition
3. Horizon
4. Dreamworld
5. Follow down that river
6. Stranger
7. Sails
8. Marching to war
9. Twilight symphony
10. Gone
11. Waterfall (bonus track)
12. Land of flames (bonus track)

Leverage is a new band from Finland and 'Tides' is their full-length debut. Generally speaking, they play melodic metal in the vein of Cloudscape, Last Tribe, Evergrace, Voice, Planet Alliance, Masterplan and At Vance. I seem to have a soft spot for fresh new melodic metal (usually out of Sweden or Finland), and if you feel the same, 'Tides' should be a great addition to your CD collection.

With exception of the semi-ballad/slow track 3 "Horizon", track 6 "Stranger" and track 10 "Gone", the songs on 'Tides' are of the mid-paced/bouncy variety and keyboards are present too (mostly in the background), so Cloudscape fans will be more than impressed with what Leverage has to offer. But an occasional hard rock vibe is also present (mostly regarding some of the choruses), thus bringing in the comparison to Last Tribe and Planet Alliance. Though Masterplan, Voice and At Vance fans should also dig the CD, those bands usually offer up a few faster songs on their CDs and there aren't any to be found on 'Tides'. Still, the CD is heavy enough to satisfy and definitely belongs in the metal catagory.

Just like with the many previously mentioned bands, you can expect a clear vocalist; Pekka Heino, who provides a strong vocal delivery, but I don't consider him to be at the level of Mike Anderson (Cloudscape/Planet Alliance) or Roy Khan (Kamelot/Conception). My favorite songs are the attention-grabbing opener "Fifteen years", the memorable track 4 "Dreamworld" and the crunchy track 5 "Follow down that river", though I wouldn't label any songs on 'Tides' weak. So we end up with a fantastic debut for fans of melodic metal, and if you have and enjoy any of the bands I've mentioned in this review, there should be no reason for you to avoid picking this up.




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