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Lanfear - Another golden rage 5/5

Reviewed: 4-1-05


1. Another golden rage
2. The unrestrained
3. Dispraise
4. Transmigration
5. Eclipse
6. Shades of black
7. The voice within
8. In silence
9. Eternally
10. What...for
11. Outliving the ages

I'm totally blown away!!! I've always had a vision of what the perfect CD would sound like, and it's like the band has entered my mind and stolen my vision. This is progressive power metal excitement at its best! Plenty of speed, unbelievable guitar solos, perfectly mixed keyboards, and magnificent vocals to tie it all together. There are moments when my heart can't stop racing and the vocals seem to run circles through my head. Then just when the vocals disappear, a sensational guitar solo will hit me! The way the band blends progressive metal and power metal totally works for me. There aren't any wierd or boring progressive elements, but rather interesting and exciting parts, all creating an awesome yet unfamiliar sound.

Their previous CD 'The art effect' is very good, but everything seems to flow so much better with this CD. I love the pace, which only gives us a moment to clear our minds during the short instrumental track 5 "Eclipse", and the exceptional ballad "Eternally", featuring an innovative saxophone solo that reaches the depths of my soul. My favorite song would have to be the final track "Outliving the ages" though, as Tobias Althammer's voice is absolutely phenomenal! I can't believe the range of this guy! It's like he's standing on top of the highest mountain looking down at the valleys of metal. The improved music surrounding him is really what takes the CD to its ultimate high level though, otherwise, 'The art effect' would've had more of a lasting effect on me.

It's always interesting for me to learn which CDs of my hauls will disappoint and which will surprise. But when a CD comes around that does more than just "surprise", I can't help but be thankful I'm a strong music lover. This is one of the most unique and best CDs I've ever heard. I now look at progressive power metal in a whole new light, and future bands have a lot to live up to. The bar has been set at an unimaginable high! It's still early in the year, so we'll have to see what the future brings us, but this has my vote for best power metal CD of the year!




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