Lanfear - Another golden rage 4/5

Reviewed: 4-29-05


1. Another golden rage
2. The unrestrained
3. Dispraise
4. Transmigration
5. Eclipse
6. Shades of black
7. The voice within
8. In silence
9. Eternally
10. What...for
11. Outliving the ages

Lanfear puts it all together on this, their 4th CD, and make a truly fine CD. They are a fairly straight forward power metal band with nothing too much out of the ordinary; neither are they overly heavy – they are just a rock solid band that impresses with the quality of their music instead of trying for some gimmick. The band is absolutely solid all the way through and singer Tobias Althammer is as good as you will find in the power metal genre.

The band has some strong resemblances to Queensryche. The first, and title track, in particular, sounds very much like classic Queensryche. Althammer reminds me quite a bit of Geoff Tate also; his tone is somewhat different but both singers are at the top of their field in their ability to sing with power and, yet, sing with total control. They can also go from a lower register to an upper register in a seemingly effortless manner. Not to be forgotten, the rest of the band is very strong also. There aren’t a tremendous number of solos so you have to listen for the band at times, but if you do, you will hear a rock solid band with some excellent guitar riffs and overall top quality playing. The songwriting is very consistent. The only thing that prevents this CD from being a classic is that the songwriting is not up to the classic level. There are some very good tracks like “The unrestrained”, “In silence” and the nice ballad “Eternally” but Lanfear isn’t quite able to take the songwriting from very good and get it to the great level.

Overall, this is a very good CD. The band is very good, the singer is exceptional, the production makes the CD sound perfect and the songwriting is very good. I don’t know if the songwriting will ever take that next, small, step of being just a little more memorable; if so, Lanfear will make a truly great CD. Until then, if they can continue at this level they will still be making very, very good CDs that almost any power metal fan will enjoy.




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