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Lanewin - Autuua 3/5

Reviewed: 12-1-10


1. Gate of Lanewin
2. Essence of war
3. Illusions of dogma
4. One more life
5. Heartbeat
6. Legend of a savior
7. Delusiveness
8. No time for dreaming
9. Dark love
10. Venom

Lanewin is a fairly young band from Russia, but unlike a lot of CDs I review from Russia, their full-length debut 'Autuua' is not a Russian-language CD. The band is fronted by the lovely Anna Belaeva, who is featured on the CD's cover artwork. Don't let her young appearance fool you however, as she has a mature, crisp, and outstanding voice (soprano) and is capable of reaching operatic range. Regular readers of Metal CD Ratings know that I have a lot of bands with female vocalists of this style, and I can assure you that she does a great job.

Musically, as you're probably expecting, the band's style is symphonic power metal and they're easily comparable to Nightwish (early), Visions of Atlantis, Luna Aeterna, Rosa Ignea, Adrana, Overdream, Emerald Mind, Arya, Sphinx, Amberian Dawn, Star Queen, Uncreated Light, Dreamer and so on. Unfortunately, the CD's production isn't the best and it does hurt the overall quality (especially when compared to the better CDs from these other bands), but it's not horrible and is just a minor complaint.

The best way to describe this CD is by calling it solid. There's nothing that will blow you away (considering many other bands are in this same style and have provided spectacular CDs), but it's better than average. It does have moments of greatness however, and my personal favorite songs are the fast track 4 "One more life", the symphonic track 5 "heartbeat" and the memorable track 6 "Legend of a savior" (the 3 songs in the middle), as Anna's vocals really shine. Track 8 "No time for dreaming" (which starts out slow) is also worth mentioning though.

So this is a good start from a young band who can only get better. Major fans of female fronted symphonic power metal (and the mentioned bands) should certainly check it out, but just don't expect to hear the best of its kind.




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