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Lady Winter - The rain can't be forever 3/5

Reviewed: 9-8-06


1. Phoenix
2. The rain can't be forever
3. Frozen heart
4. From the backside of the mirror
5. Lonely road
6. She-wolf
7. The sorrow
8. Endless maze
9. Where the rain grows (bonus track)

Lady Winter was formed way back in 1998, but their full-length debut 'The rain can't be forever' didn't reach the shelves until 2005. The band is from Russia, and although they've stuck with English lyrics, regular site visitors know I welcome the Russian language with open arms and I would probably like the CD the same regardless of the lyrical choice. Musically, Lady Winter bridges the gap between basic heavy metal and gothic metal. It's a combination that works very well for me personally, as the 'The rain can't be forever' is more melodic than a lot of the pure gothic metal CDs circling around me. In addition, there are guitar solos on every song!

'The rain can't be forever' contains female vocals only (no "beast" this time folks!), courtesy of Olga "Winter", who avoids the soprano and sticks with a regular, quite simple sounding, voice. She has a unique tone however, and if I had to throw out a comparison I would surely go with Sengir's Lisa Middelhauve. Though I've grown to like Olga's voice, it's recommended to check her out before picking this CD up based solely on the female fronted gothic/heavy metal tag.

All the songs stay in the mid-paced (occasionally slow) area, with exception of the faster tracks "Lonely road" and "Where the rain grows". Actually, "Where the rain grows" (which is a bonus track) is very much a power metal song, as it's a Helloween cover. The song makes for an exciting finish for someone like me and I can't help but wonder if the CD would have been a lot better if they had mixed up the pace a lot more by throwing in a few more faster numbers like "Where the rain grows". Oh well, the CD remains quite good, especially with the many guitar solos, as you've all read my complaints before regarding the lack of guitar solos with gothic metal. So give Lady Winter's debut a shot while I await a follow-up.




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