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Kissin' Dynamite - Addicted to metal 4/5

Reviewed: 6-1-10


1. Addicted to metal
2. Run for your life
3. Supersonic killer
4. High enough
5. Love me hate me
6. Hysteria
7. All against all
8. In the name of iron fist
9. Assassins of love
10. Why can't you hear me
11. We want more
12. Metal nation

Kissin’ Dynamite – where have I heard that before? That’s right, Kissin’ Dynamite is a song title on AC/DC’s 1988 release entitled ‘Blow up your video’. So is this band just another Acca Dacca clone you ask? No, they are not. Kissin’ Dynamite are a melodic metal band, with an 80s metal and hard rock influence.

This young band originates from Germany and ‘Addicted to metal’ is their 2nd and latest CD. Following their formation in 2002 under the name Blues Kids, they released their debut in 2004 before changing their name to Kissin’ Dynamite in 2007. The band then released their first CD as Kissin’ Dynamite called ‘Steel of Swabia’ in 2008 through EMI Music.

Kissin’ Dynamite’s 80s influences are loud and proud, raging from Judas Priest to Motley Crue, to the Scorpions and also Gamma Ray. Going by the influences, it’s easy to see, and hear, that ‘Addicted to metal’ is an entertaining and catchy CD to listen to; with soaring riffs, licks and solos everywhere throughout the CD. For all you guitar shredding fans out there, rejoice because there is also plenty of shredding on the release as well.

Songs on the CD vary in structure, speed and stereotype as they mix up the 80s/modern metal and rock hard quite creatively. Listening to the tracks, you can hear a similarity between vocalist Johannes Braun and Gamma Ray’s legendary frontman Kai Hansen. Also worth mentioning, is that the opening track on the release “Addicted to metal” features Udo Dirkschneider, ex-Accept and current U.D.O. vocalist.

Although at times the tracks may sound cheesy, due to the lyrics or music, it matters not because the CD is so damn good and I’m amazed by the silky smooth musical skills of the entire band, particularly guitarists Andre Braun and Jim Muller. It’s also amazing that these guys are still just teenagers and at the time of this review, the group are 18 and 19 years of age.

‘Addicted to metal’ basically covers every metalhead’s taste (in the melodic metal genre, that is), and listener’s favourite tracks would be spread right across the board. With that being said, the tracks which can be considered the cream of the crop on the CD would be as follows. The 80s-influenced “Run for your life”, the fist pumping “Metal nation”, the catchy “Supersonic killer”, the Gamma Ray inspired “In the name of the iron fist”, “Love me hate me”, which is an obvious homage to the Scorpions and finally the riff-tastic “Hysteria” (with no relation to the Def Leppard song of the same name).

‘Addicted to metal’ may sound like a compilation hits CD of metal greats past, but who really cares when it sounds so good and especially live, I would imagine. Almost everything these days is influenced from something that’s been heard before, and there has been nothing new or fresh in this genre for years. So based on that, go out and grab this CD and crank it to the max because ‘Addicted to metal’ kicks major metal ass. These talented young teens certainly have a very bright future ahead of them and I eagerly await their next offering to us all.




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