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Killing Frost - Falling from the sky 4.5/5

Reviewed: 12-21-07


1. Falling
2. I leave for me
3. Pursue your tracks
4. Ashes
5. Awakening
6. Crow of the dusky town
7. Vision of victories
8. Empty world
9. Eternal winter
10. Rainbow on the falls

With some of the popular power metal bands drifting off a bit from their core to try something new, it's awesome when a new band pops up that is pure power metal, the genre I so deeply love. Killing Frost has done just that, introducing their debut 'Falling from the sky'. The CD has reminded me of what I love the most about power metal; fast-paced songs, excellent guitar work, wonderful melodies, keyboard parts and memorable choruses. Surprisingly, the band is from Japan, but they should appeal to many power metal fans, as they sit between the Italian power metal style of bands like Shadows of Steel, Heavenblast, early Labyrinth, Projecto, Sigma, Ancestral, early Vision Divine and Soulblaze, and the Scandinavian power metal style of bands like Axenstar, Celesty, Stratovarius, Dreamtale, Sonata Arctica, Cardiant and Citadel.

There is one major difference from these many bands though, and it's that Killing Frost is actually a one-man band! Yep, Tetsu Kishi is this band. How impressive is that? Very, and he seriously handles the bass, rhythm/lead guitar, keyboards and drum programming. The amount of talent this guy has is simply amazing and he's also the vocalist, but although he has a very present accent, his clear voice is perfect for power metal. Plus, he's grabbed some additional musicians to provide backing vocals, and I think this greatly increases the quality of the vocal department. I should mention that he does have a crew of musicians for live performances, but he's truly responsible for 'Falling from the sky' in its entirety.

Onto the songs, and let me just say that every single one is fantastic. Really, there isn't a weak song on the entire CD! In addition, it's mostly a fast-paced affair (and there are no ballads), taking me back to some of the first and/or best CDs from the many aforementioned bands. While the use of a drum machine is obvious, I personally don't find it to be too distracting, but I could see some of the picky power metal fans having a problem with this aspect, so I suggest that Mr. Kishi get a professional drummer to increase his chances of worldwide recognition. His guitar work is awesome, and power metal fans can expect some typical yet excellent/catchy rhythms, and the lead guitar work is also where the CD's main strength is, in my opinion. There are lots of exceptional leads (and solos), and I know power metal fans are going to be greatly impressed. Keyboard parts are present, but this is simply an element on the side, and one that I'm personally glad is present, but for those who like their power metal keyboard-free, I can assure you that the guitars are more than dominant.

This CD came along at just the right time and is another one of those reminders that power metal can still be done extremely well, despite the fact that some of the bands that started the genre seem to feel the need to change things up. My hat goes off to Tetsu, a truly extraordinary talent and I hope that he is recognized all over the world as such. 'Falling from the sky' is definitely unlike any other Japanese power metal CD I've heard, and it's one that has landed in the hands of the right guy, for sure.




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