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Judicator - Sleepy plessow 4/5

Reviewed: 8-1-13


1. Sleepy plessow
2. The elector
3. Thirty years of terror
4. Memory of shame
5. Release me
6. Sapphire
7. Gedenkstatte
8. The philosopher king
9. Blut vom himmel
10. Sea of fire
11. When crowns are shattered
12. Sans souci

It wasn't too long ago that I reviewed Judicator's debut 'King of Rome' (which was released near the end of 2012), and they're already back with the follow-up 'Sleepy plessow'. Guitarist/bassist (also drum programmer) Tony Cordisco and vocalist John Yelland have surely realized that they've created something special, and that their style appeals to many metal fans, especially those who regularly follow heavy/power metal sites like Metal CD Ratings. Plus, while the debut was a really strong start, the quality of this 2nd CD is even better and if you didn't pay much attention to the debut, this CD can't be ignored.

Even though it continues where the debut left off for the most part, I have noticed one difference - there's less speed/power metal and more traditional/heavy metal, which works really well, as there's a great blend of U.S. and European heavy/power metal present throughout the entire CD. Therefore, I'm reminded less of bands like Blind Guardian and Savage Circus, and more of bands like Iced Earth and Burning Shadows. Tony's guitar work on the debut was awesome, and the same can be said about this CD, as there are plenty of catchy riffs, fantastic guitar solos, and the more traditional direction is certainly welcomed.

Vocally, John is once again terrific, and perfect for those who regularly listen to CDs of this music style. While Tony and John remain the band's base, there are a number of guest musicians, which do add some variety to the CD, and I especially like the brief female vocals in track 9 "Blut vom himmel". Just like with the debut, there are some aggressive vocals thrown in (mostly at the beginning of the CD), and my feelings remain as they were with the debut - I personally don't get anything positive out of them, but there's so little of them that they shouldn't deter anyone from liking the CD, and some metal fans might actually enjoy the addition of aggressive vocals.

My favorite song is probably the catchy track 8 "The philosopher king", but the CD is truly outstanding from start to finish and there's no reason it shouldn't impress heavy/power metal fans all over the world. So what we end up with is a band that's settling into a music style - with plenty of talent, and a very bright future. Highly recommended, for sure.




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