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Ivory Night - Machine 3/5

Reviewed: 9-28-07


1. Capping day
2. The shelf
3. Machine
4. Fallen father
5. Oblivia
6. Keeping the lie
7. Charon of styx
8. Breath of the innocent
9. Mr. H's BBQ
10. Emperor
11. The end

I recently picked up both Ivory Night CDs - their debut '7-Dawn of the night' and this 2nd CD 'Machine'. I was immediately impressed with the debut, as it's a traditional power metal CD comparable to bands like Thunderbolt, Made of Iron, Pharaoh, Fates Prophecy, Miles Beyond, Gods of Fire and so on. Though it's straightforward and is far from anything original, the songs are great and it's a CD I recommend to fans of the mentioned bands.

'Machine' is, for the most part, in the same style as the debut, but it's heavier and there's a dash of the group where Brainstorm, Mystic Prophecy, Intense, Symphorce and Winterfell reside, especially vocally. In addition, there's a modern attitude present throughout some of the CD. Perhaps think of the influences that began on Symphorce's 'Godspeed', and not everyone will feel the same (though I would bet most would), but I prefer the straightforward traditional power metal songs that are free of the modern influences.

The CD as a whole is a bit inconsistent in quality (coming from someone who doesn't welcome the modern attitude very much), but there are certainly some highlights; track 4 "Fallen father" for example, as it contains terrific guitar work, strong vocals, a great chorus, and simply slays from start to finish. The CD is actually really solid overall, but it does hit a few bumps; track 10 'Emperor' probably being my least favorite. Still, it remains an "above average" CD.

If I haven't made it obvious already, know that I like the debut '7-Dawn of the night' more than 'Machine', but if you're into any of the bands listed in this review and can handle a bit of a modern attitude, it may be worthwhile for you to pick up both Ivory Night CDs. Listening before buying is a must though, as they won't be for everyone - 'Machine' especially.




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