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Ivory Moon - Human nature 4/5

Reviewed: 10-26-07


1. Crimson horizon
2. In the deep forest
3. Wasted time
4. Reign of time
5. Clown in the mirror
6. Golgota
7. The second king
8. Through different eyes
9. Phantom ship
10. Overflow
11. The journey

We all have different musical tastes and it's great when a band comes around that lands directly in the center of our palate. For me, Italian band Ivory Moon has done just that, as they brilliantly combine a side of the Italian symphonic power metal style with the bombastic power metal style of some of the popular female fronted bands. That's right, regarding both their debut 'On the edge of time' and this 2nd CD 'Human nature', think of Skylark, Landguard, Final Chapter, Gutter Sirens (and maybe even Rhapsody of Fire and Thy Majestie in spots), mixed with Nightwish (early), Rosa Ignea and Visions of Atlantis. Unless I'm just having difficulty with my memory, the blending of these 2 close but different styles hasn't happened yet. Either way, I'm impressed.

The combination doesn't stop at the music though, as really, we get a typical Italian power metal male vocalist (Alessandro Manicone) and also a female/soprano vocalist (Cecilia Serra). In addition, there are some guest vocalists, which add even more variation. Most of the time the many vocalists alternate their singing, but there are some instances where they're in harmony too. Personally, I like both methods and I feel this is one of the strongest vocal departments out there. Plus, this is a band that could easily appeal to those who like either one of the vocal styles. Very smart for the band to take an adventurous vocal approach to power metal, indeed.

Another positive aspect of the CD is the outstanding variety of tempo. Seriously, listening to this CD is like riding a roller-coaster - you have no idea what direction you'll be headed in the upcoming seconds. Yeah, lots of twists and turns and CDs like this are often the most interesting. 'Human nature' is certainly no exception, and it's the same with the vocals, as you never know who's going to pop up singing. I also like the use of keyboards, as they're not dominating, but instead are perfectly incorporated and are an important part of what the band has to offer. After all, they are Italian.

While the band's debut 'On the edge of time' was merely good to solid and even though all the ingredients were in place with that CD, 'Human nature' has the band improving a great deal in the songwriting department. I really have nothing negative to say about the CD, as all of the songs are truly excellent. There aren't any songs that completely blow me away however, so I think the band can get even better. They've already succeeded at both a musical and vocal focus, so I've got nothing but high hopes. Definitely a band to watch out for folks!




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