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Innosense - Outcast 4/5

Reviewed: 12-1-11


1. On and on
2. Revolution rise
3. The cradle of my soul
4. Mystify
5. At the edge of the world
6. Seasons of oblivion
7. The fall
8. Where darkest thoughts prevail
9. Utopia
10. Release

Wow. What a pleasant surprise Innosense's debut 'Outcast' has been. Do you remember Conception? You know, the melodic/progressive/power metal band that released 4 great CDs in the 90s and featured vocalist Roy Khan who later joined Kamelot as Conception split-up. Well, 'Outcast' is as close as you'll ever get to a Conception CD. Really, in every way, this matches Conception - including the quality, which can easily be called excellent.

Vocally, Vasilis Georgiou sounds exactly like Khan - the tone of his voice, the way he carries his voice, the melodies - everything. In fact, I can't even tell them apart. Especially considering Khan is no longer with Kamelot (who knows if we'll ever hear him sing in metal again), the vocals on this CD are a real treat, and I thoroughly enjoy every minute.

Musically, just like with Conception, there are some catchy/crunchy songs (track 3 "The cradle of my soul" is the best example), and there are some slow songs too, like track 6 "Seasons of oblivion" and track 8 "Where darkest thoughts prevail". There really isn't any speed, as the band is obviously going for a smooth and emotional ear-grabbing approach, as opposed to a fast-paced and extra-exciting approach. The entire CD emanates a lot of passion and it should be listened to with great attention, instead of in the background while multitasking.

This is simple, folks. If you're a big fan of Conception (and surely Kamelot as well) you must get this immediately. Please do yourself a favor though - don't head off to hear short samples, and instead purchase this CD right away and make your first listening experience of this CD be the first time you spin it. It will be a memorable experience, for sure.




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