Inner Visions - Control the past 3/5

Reviewed: 9-30-05


1. Intro - Asleep
2. Big brother
3. Behind the grid
4. Eliminate
5. In the name of...
6. Control the past
7. Maze of nowhere
8. Wake up with a smile
9. The prophecy
10. When we'll be kings

Inner Visions is a new power metal band from France. As far as I know, they've skipped releasing a demo and/or EP and have started off with this full-length debut 'Control the past'. They're certainly not a band that has gained instant popularity, as I have seen very little mentioned about them and even purchasing the CD was a bit of a task. Regardless, 'Control the past' is a solid melodic power metal CD that's in line with releases from Burning Point, Black Majesty, Inner Wish and Ghost Machinery.

The lead guitarist, Dominique Leurquin, from the band Dream Child (a band I do not have) does a great job, pulling off some strong guitar solos and keeping the songs fairly consistent as far as quality. Patrice Guers handles the bass, and he is also the current Rhapsody bass player. Together, they create some well done guitar work... but vocalist Julien Jacquemond brings the music down just a bit for me. He's good, but has a voice that leans towards the deeper range, and I definitely prefer a mid-range vocalist in this style of power metal. John "Gio" Cavaliere of Black Majesty and Pete Ahonen of Burning Point/Ghost Machinery are much better than Julien in my mind.

'Control the Past' features some very good songs though. Track 4 "Eliminate" is the highlight for me with its great chorus, both guitar and keyboard solos, and is probably the most memorable. The fastest tracks; "Behind the grid", "In the name of..." and "Control the past" are all solid, and "Maze of nowhere" is a very fine instrumental. Track 8 "Wake up with a smile" is the one ballad, but I can't seem to get into this one and it comes off as simply okay. The CD has a somewhat weak finish too, as "When we'll be kings" has some wierd progressive-sounding guitar work in the beginning that doesn't seem to fit at all with the rest of the CD. The song has a nice chorus though, and the CD still ends barely grabbing the "above average" rating.

This is one of those CDs that sits right on the border of being recommended. Those who are out for only the top quality power metal releases in this style may want to pass on this one, and instead grab the 2nd CDs from Black Majesty and Burning Point or the Ghost Machinery debut. But those who are fans of the Inner Wish CDs or the Black Majesty and Burning Point debuts, will most likely be happy with 'Control the past'. It's a promising debut and sharing similarities with the mentioned bands is sure to take them down the right path.




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