Inmoria - Invisible wounds 3.5/5

Reviewed: 9-4-09


1. Come insanity
2. Alone
3. Fantasy
4. As I die
5. Misery
6. Circle of memories
7. Haunting shadows
8. Will to live
9. The other side
10. I close my eyes

Inmoria is the brain child of former Tad Morose drummer Dan Eriksson (who plays keyboards in Inmoria). Joined by Tad Morose members Christer Andersson (guitar) and Perter Moren (drums), and Morgana Lefay singer Charles Rytkonen, Inmoria is aggressive, catchy power metal. For a band with a keyboardist as "band leader", Inmoria doesn't really bog you down with over the top keyboards. Generally, they are used more for atmosphere and to bring some melody to the otherwise riff-oriented music. There are also some forays into techno sounds which are interesting.

Rytkonen still basically sounds like I remember him - like Jon Oliva (Savatage) at his gruffest and most aggressive. Back in Morgana Lefay's heyday, I wasn't much into this style, but nowadays I find his vocals pretty engaging to the point where I think I should probably re-evaluate his other band. As noted, this CD is generally filled with heavy riffs that are repeated a lot in the songs. Rhythm and repetition is a big part of Inmoria's sound and its easy to get sucked into the CD with its pounding, heavy, thrashy riffs. Most of the melody comes from the keyboards and Rytoken's rough vocals. A few tracks have some female backing vocals which serve as a nice contrast to Rytkonen. I generally find the entire CD to be pretty kick ass, but my favorite tracks would include "Fantasy" (which has a memorable chorus), "Misery" (which has pounding riffs), "Circle of memories" (which has some cool techno influence), and "Haunting shadows" (which has some of the backing female vocals).

As a whole, this is a strong, driving, power metal CD, definitely on the more aggressive, heavy side of the power metal spectrum. I give extra credit to the band for keeping all of the songs under 5 minutes. Since a lot of songs repeat certain riffs a lot, it would be easy for a longer song to wear out its welcome, but that never happens here. I would imagine most fans of Tad Morose and Morgana Lefay will find something to like here. Those who want the sugary sweet power metal won't find it here, but people who want something dark, heavy, and catchy should enjoy this a lot.




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